Travel with a special needs child

When travelling with a special needs child, just like with a typical one, we can try various ways to enable the child to explore the most while keeping him/her safe and happy.

Using a child backpack carrier, parents can take the child to places where a stroller cannot reach, like moderate or advanced hiking trails. Some very well designed carriers can also let child nap comfortably inside. One great feature these carriers provide is that they keep the child at the same vision height as the parent, allowing great opportunities for conversations and sharing beautiful moments.

If the child walks, putting on a safety backpack harness will be very helpful pretty much anywhere the child wants to go, i.e., shopping mall, park, grocery store etc. The harness gives the child wonderful sense of autonomy, meanwhile, it offers the parents peace of mind.

Another useful item is HALO® SleepSack® Early Walker . It is great for travel and as well as at home. With the unique design of foot openings, cruising, crawling, walking, and playing in sleepsack adds a lot of fun to going to bed routine. It keeps the child warm with least constraint during tossing and turning, and also provides the secure feeling child needs for a sound sleep throughout the night.