i feel myself changing for the worst

she searched through blurred lines

over images of herself

for just a small peak

at who she really is.

she bent at the hip,

smashed air between open palms,

shut out the world around her,

and allowed herself a moment

to speak with god.

she prayed for forgiveness.

see, she knew sin all too well.

the rhythm of the beat of her heart

changed more and more

by the day.

her eyes felt cold.

they searched rooms of millions,

busy city streets in broad daylight,

endless pictures with filters and lies,

for the spark that might

light the fire she was harboring inside.

see, it once burned through her skin

with ferocity and vigor.

she was a girl on fire

even when she didn’t know.

but things happen.

when it rains, it pours;

she nearly drowned in tears

and fears that beat down on her,

out of tune and offbeat

with the rhythms that moved her feet

and gave her strength to go on.

soon she found herself lost.

staring in mirrors,

she saw straight through her reflection,

no longer able to recognize the false expressions

she taught her face.

her lips pursed,

their corners turned down,

she was turning ugly

and no amount of makeup could hide it.

so she searches through blurred eyes

over images of her smile

and holds tight on to old lies

until the she wakes and realize

that no matter how much the world takes away,

baby girl, you’re enough.

you’re beautiful.

don’t let this world make you

into someone you’re not.

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