In September of 2015, Felicity and I flew to Iceland, met up with my brother Rusty and sister-in-law Laila, and spent two weeks circumnavigating the country in an RV on the famous Ring Road. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Rainbow over Gullfoss

Each day we made our way gradually counterclockwise around the 828 miles of the Ring Road, stopping frequently to revel in the most amazing natural beauty any of us had ever seen. Each night we found a local campsite and encamped in the RV.

It was as challenging as it was enjoyable. Driving that large manual RV on Iceland’s narrow, winding, and often unpaved roads was an anxiety-inducing experience to say the least. Living in it was not exactly pleasant. Ironically, given the otherworldly beauty of our surroundings, we spent much of our time preoccupied with the mundanities of navigating, camping, decamping, preparing meals, washing clothes, showering, and pooping.

Þingvellir National Park

When high winds trapped us in Skaftafell National Park for two days, our schedule was thrown into disarray. While we couldn’t have chosen a better place to be trapped, the loss of two days’ driving time meant the remainder of our trip around the east, north, and northwest parts of the island had to be accelerated. The final few days were a mad dash to make it back to Keflavík in time to return the RV and meet our flights home.

Aurora over Skaftafell (that’s our RV on the right)

I had intended to document the entire trip on video. Felicity and I shot copious footage of the more enjoyable parts, though we didn’t do as good a job of capturing the more mundane parts (it turns out it’s hard to think about filming when you’re concentrating on meeting your basic daily needs). Almost as soon as we got home I took a lead role at a new startup and free time became scarce. The footage sat unwatched and unedited for over a year.

Over the holidays I finally took some time off and finished the project. It’s only a small taste of what we experienced, but I hope you enjoy it (you can also see more photos from the trip here).

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