Why You Shouldn’t Ask for a Sign

if you wanted one, here it is

When we ask the universe for a sign more often than nought we know deep down the answer to our own question. A good rule that I live by is that if you have to ask, the answer is probably no.

‘Should I stay in this relationship?’, probably not.

‘Are they seeing other people?’, most likely.

‘Is it time to quit my job?’, if it makes you upset then, yes.

Instead of asking for a sign there are easy questions that we can ask ourselves in order to truly gauge a situation. Does this situation offer me fulfillment? Am I made happy by this thing? Does this happiness come at a cost? Is that cost heavy? What is stopping me from leaving this behind or starting something new? All of these questions can help us figure out the deeply rooted reasons why we keep ourselves in things that no longer serve us and answering these questions can put you one step closer to a more fulfilling life.

We, as humans, have a natural sense of intuition. Yes, everyone. You don’t need to pay a psychic $10 a minute to tell you that they intuitively see that your relationship is a dumpster fire because this is something that you feel in your gut for free. We have this natural ability to scope out a situation and trusting in this gut feeling may help us better our lives and keep us out of things that just serve to drag us down. However, it is really important to learn the difference between a gut feeling and paranoia or cynicism. You will know the difference by asking yourself the reasons that you feel the way that you do. Are they good reasons? Or are they minuscule excuses that you use to feed your inability to truly dedicate yourself to another person after your ex cheated on you? You could also talk to other people about it, say it out loud, write it down and read it back to yourself. All of these serve as ways for you to pick out what is truly an intuitive feeling and what is just you avoiding yet another commitment.

If you really want to ask the Universe for its help, ask for change instead. Don’t ask for a sign because there could be twenty stop signs aligning the road you chose and you’ll still press your foot flat onto the gas. Ask the Universe to remove the things in your life that do not serve you. Ask it to offer alternatives. Put things in motion that otherwise would remained dormant if you were sitting around asking the Universe to send a pink car to pass by if you should change your major. Watch things leave your life and shut the door behind them. There is no need to go backwards. The only productive direction is forward. And maybe up if you’re in a diagonal versus vertical situation.

Take your power back and just watch the amazing life that you can make for yourself. In conclusion, don’t ask for a sign. Make one yourself.



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