Punctuation in novels
Adam J Calhoun

Amazing project, truly beautiful. I love punctuation!

Be interesting to know which edition of R&J you used for your heatmap.

Shakespeare reputedly didn’t use any punctuation, the sources for the original texts were a combo of manuscripts and prompt books and even sometimes just people’s memories. That means, on the one hand, any punctuation in any edition is a particular editors choice - and says something about the era is was printed (some are very distinctive). But it also means any of us adapting / staging his works have free reign to choose their own punctuation to guide the actors, which for me is one of the most fascinating parts of the process (and one I definitely spend way too long on).

Then again, I wonder if the differences between editions would actually be significant enough to show on your heatmaps, or if the proportion that’s actually open to interpretation is smaller than it feels (to me).

Ramble over. Great project, congrats!