For those who still have to guess, while a woman likes waking up to good morning texts, it’s nothing better than a man who is brave enough to pick up the phone and ask her out on a real date. If it’s still in the courting phase, meet her there. Pull out her chair and compliment her outfit or her hair. Admire, but don’t stare. Tell her how pretty she is inside and out. Make her smile, but don’t be corny. And don’t try to keep her out all night, she has to get up early in the morning. Ask questions about her life. Dig deep into her mind. Be kind and generous. Look, but don’t touch, unless for a friendly hug. Show her some respect. Stay off your phone, don’t show her neglect. She deserves your undivided attention. And did I mention, don’t start nothing you can’t finish. Meaning, if you ain’t in it to be her everlasting friend til the end, don’t even begin to waste her time or yours. She’s busy trying to make it on the Forbes cover and discover infinite happiness. -Yasmeen Sa’eedah