“..I think you came here with this idea of my life, with the idea of how it used to be, and that I’d just change everything for you because you’ve came back. Just because you’re here I’m not go..”

“ I’m here for closure.”


“Yes, I need to know what we are. I need an ending to this, either we do this thing, really try, or we call it mates…”

She could feel the space he once reserved for her. It was smaller. But her’s for him had never been so consuming.

‘…I can’t live in my reality with this on going fantasy of you.”

“I’m just saying that things have changed. I’m with Candice and I want to keep seeing her. I’m looking at you and the feelings are still there, but we’ve had undefined boundaries. I didn’t want to stop our connection, but you left. You had to go for your own reasons. And I’m angry at you for that. But I moved on, I let go, because I had to, you told me to. Now Candice…”

The name pulled at her cranium threads.

…I love her.”

“You’re in love with her?”

She wanted time to freeze before he answered. To rather not know, to not have to be in his presence and not be the one on his mind. He raised his eyes and looked into hers, and with mumbled words he crushed the imaginary universe sewn so carefully togther by the THEM that she had built in her head.

“Yeah, I am.”

They’re called piercing blue eyes because they burn fucking holes right through your foundations. Castles and compounds crumbled.

“Okay,” she huffed, trying to let go of it all in one syllable. Muffling the cacophony of her reality with a nonchalant focal point change. Noticing her well-used feet, unkempt, but covered in stories, she thought it’s funny how everything and nothing mean the same thing. She managed to return to his stare. Proud of the reassuring smile she mustered, she told him; “We’ll call it mates then. I think that’ll be best.”

“I think it’s best too.” he barely breathed the words.

Time passed in silence.

“ I’m going to go.”


The hug. It didn’t feel right, the shivered skin of enticing touch had long left the THEM.

‘What a fool’, thought the puffy red face reflection that leered at her in the elevator.

What a fool.

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