There’s moments whilst listening to others’ memories that spiral you slowly into a state of pretending to listen. Instead you begin streaming your own memories, but the identical ones, listening to theirs with the images of yours. Superimposed story telling. It’s the subtlety of the others’ tale that reveals so much of their personal perception. So easily identifiable when watching your own with their narrative voice.

There’s no better time for this than when observing travelers tales. Aah… the backpacker. A specimen of adventure and lust but all while awkward and never quite fitting. Searching for lifes meaning within their physically decontextualised selves. Finding their molds in unmolded folds of each others company. It’s best to wear condoms for this reason.

But when it comes to the stories listen freely and easily, allow your ears and imagination to adapt. This is by no means a guide to judge, for under the douchery your perceptions will be the ones challenged most.

Go. Challenge them. They’re all wrong and any way. Find freedom in that.

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