Let Me Explain… — A Party Guy For Sanders

Hey all, today I’m on the ballot as a delegate for Bernie Sanders. Some people are surprised by this based on the messages I’m getting. Let me try to explain:

Folks are probably surprised because, despite my support for Sanders, I have been pretty balanced in my statements and coverage of this election (feel free to check my feed). I’ve defended Hillary when warranted and blasted Sanders if called for. Afterall, Hillary deserves a fair shake and Bernie needs to be held accountable like anyone else. In the end though, there are no sidelines in Democracy.

America is a funny place. Unlike almost every other stable democracy, we fuse the Head of State (National Figurehead) with its Head of Government (Chief Executive). I support Bernie Sanders because today, right now, the United States needs a leader more than a CEO. For a multitude of reasons, faith in the U.S. and its system has been rocked. Barack Obama has done a superhuman job restoring it, but that job is not over. It remains true that now, more than usual, people crave a connection to the President and the government that office represents.

Of the choices before us, Bernie Sanders offers the passion and common touch which has the best chance to restore faith both in the our democratic system, and our nation’s ideals of fairness, inclusion and diversity.

As Democrats, we have two candidates who are very qualified for very different reasons. Choosing can be a pain, but it’s the pain of self-governance. Whoever you support, go vote for them. Whoever you don’t support, don’t be a jerk about it.