“Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts”

At present the AltRight/New Media seems to be on a bit of a roll. What with the Netflix debut of “Get Me Roger Stone” and a BuzzFeed article that reads like an honors list of the disrupters — Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸, YouTube meme Paul Joseph Watson (also know as Paul the Great) and last, but certainly not least icon Alex Jones, it would seem that the MSM (mainstream media, for the uninitiated) is finally trying to come to terms with them. Could it be, as @PrisonPlanet has tweeted “that another way is possible”? Indeed.

As the title quote from Virgil as uttered by the ill-fated Laocoon implies, there may be more here than meets the eye. Embedded in the Buzzfeed piece is a statement as questions arising “about whether traditional journalistic values and standards even matter at all.”

The truth of the matter is that the New Media doesn’t need what it calls the dinosaur media at all. Alex Jones attests that he turns down up to ten offers per week, including from Megyn Kelly, while Cernovich — who at one time planned to be a prizefighter — admittedly enjoys sparring with the like of Scott Pelley. But there is a great deal more at stake here since, as Dr. Steve Pieczenik, and Cernovich himself has said, the White House press corp and press briefings at all are woefully obsolete in an Internet age when print models are no longer needed to get the information to the people.

Since Kennedy’s 1961 speech to the press, the situation has changed quite a bit. JFK famously called upon a vibrant and free press to keep him on his toes and provide an advised opposition. The press no longer does that and, on the contrary has been witnessed by Posobiec “shaping the narrative in real time” using Slack, such that what the American public is now being fed is a homogeneous pablum devoid of any real dissonance that would cause them to awake from the honeyed slumber in which they lay.

What I am struggling to get across to you, dear reader, is that the New Media is scarcely written at all, and sometimes resembles notes for an article more than classical, proofread and re-edited journalism because what the lot of them are trying to do is a helluva lot more show than tell. Cernovich was floating the idea of a 200-member panel of “globalist killers” who would present news 24/7 in real time, while Jones who has been in the game for 22 yrs is building up his studios to handle 17 hrs of daily programming. But the idea is that the public should be able to decide for themselves and, if Heaven forbid they can’t, to up their game to the level of the informed citizenry that the Founding Fathers envisioned as citizens of a breakaway republic with no quarter for identity politics based on skin color or sex appeal.

Look, I don’t know Charlie Warzel and his post page at Buzzfeed is far more in the direction of hit pieces than PR, but maybe anything is possible. Or as @PrisonPlanet says, “there is another way.”

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