#JewBashing, #WhiteSupremacy and the Alt/Lite Right

Mike Cernovich doesn’t like the term AltRight and prefers New Right, which I find repugnant, instead. New Right by me conjures up the New Left, and Susan Sontag reveling over the WTC towers collapsing into their footprints, so I’d rather stick with AltRight, connotative of old, high as one of my friends used to the refer to the Old City in Jerusalem as the Alte Shtat, because everyone is looking for some kind of authenticity in conservative values, which will also have to be explained.

In fact, I had rather that Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 take this one on, but he’s refused, saying he’s not going to punch left, punch right, whatever that means. And interestingly enough, almost simultaneously Cernovich said in a Hangout that he doesn’t know what “punch right” means either, except that in the context of my DM chat with Jack, it probably means that he’s not interested in making order in an unruly classroom full of possibly useful idiots when it’s so much more meaningful to sock the Left.

Thus, having usefully obfuscated my reason for writing, I may as well set about what I want done myself, simply because no one else is prepared to do it. The backstory here is that last Sunday, June 25th while a peace rally was being held at Lafayette Park just opposite the White House, a separate and different rally for free speech was being held nearby the Lincoln Memorial, all on a fine D.C. morning in such glorious sunshine that almost all of the speakers at both events took the podium resplendent in shades. But what is troubling here is not the amount of F-bombing that went on down by the reflecting pool, but rather the claims made by @BakedAlaska that the participants over at Lafayette Park were effectively splitting the movement. And what makes that 10 x worse is a vociferous espousal of white supremacy and antisemitism by the gutsy folks at the free speech rally.

Now to be frank, given the milieu in which I spent the first 20 something odd yrs of my life, I’m not particularly bothered by either one. Everyone of the WASPs at the upper-crust, progressive day schools I attended in Belle Époque STL of the ‘60’s was tacitly a white supremacist, and some were none to bashful about being antisemitic either. Memorably, I was asked by the best looking kid in the school, whose gym locker was in the same aisle as mine, if I didn’t consider being Jewish as a stigma. And during a shop class there was a semi-open discussion about the fact that no one would want me to go out with their sister much as I wouldn’t want them to go out with mine. All of which is pretty tame compared to what is now going on at US college campuses, or a grade school in Vienna even before the Nazi’s arrived where the teachers kept Jewish children after school so that their classmates could gang up on them at the gate.

So the point I should not be trying to make here is that #JewBashing and #WhiteSupremacy. though they are obvious rallying points have in the past not worked in terms of sustaining a movement or lasting success, or variably that what is left of the press after the long-awaited CNN debacle will be quick to label anyone who becomes a standard bearer for these will quickly be earmaked #FarRight rather than AltRight or New Right. No, no, the point to be made is this is exactly the move that the Left wants you to make: Mike Cernovich was way back labelled Richard B. Spencer #controlledopposition even before he was sucker-punched because “The Atlantic” was interested in paying for a documentary on him, and “divide and conquer” is as old as The Gallic Wars, which I read in the original Latin in junior high school — along with the Aeneid by Virgil — over 50 yrs ago and only mention it because Julius Caesar is having a hip comeback these days.

And yes, “United we stand, divided we fall” is an American mainstay, as is e pluribus unum, as conveniently provided in the Great Seal above should you care to check it out. Thus in parting allow a Baby Boomer who is fully twice as old as many Millennials for whom this piece was actually written to offer not a word of advice, heaven forbid, but perhaps just a caveat from a source that is probably far older.

I was once discussing the hostile takeover of a shul in the neighborhood (yes, these things happen) with a friend of Algerian Sepharedi origin, who remarked, “When no one takes the lead, the Devil steps in and becomes the leader.” For our movement to continue to succeed, and we are at this point clearly winning, we are going to have to stay together, meaning many, many team players and ultimately a face and a leader.

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