The Student Loan Plot

and this:

have caused me to believe that things are beginning to add up.

First thing, though we seem to be in the midst of end of times scenario, it’s high time we got used to the fact that the Globalists are more than likely to take the long term view. Perhaps only because they have access to various life-extending apparatus such as transplants, blood transfusions, and still unrevealed and therefore wonder drugs, what may be accomplished in any individual Globalist’s life time is apparently inconsequential. Part and parcel of Globalism as a cult seems to be the dismal reality that they, and only they, will overcome.

What I am trying to get around to is this: student loan debt has long been something that I simply did not understand. Though I myself at one point thought that I was predestined to a PhD in either English or Hebrew Literature which is almost entirely unmarketable, I failed to understand how anyone would get in hock for something he couldn’t use.

Though this is the kind of thing that Mike Cernovich looks down on, while I have at times had to work when the wolf was at the door, for most of my life has been spent as a bon rentier, just like Proust and slew of other 19–20th century literati who weren’t privileged enough to be in the diplomatic corps like Paul Valerie. My beloved grandmother, whose estate paid for almost all of my secondary and college education, was an inadvertent slum landlord, and when I moved to Israel and got an M.A., state sponsored scholarships paid for everything due to having very high grades, though operating in a language that my mother, who should only live and be well, has never learned to speak. This state of affairs, albeit on a private donor basis, continued on throughout my now Jewish education to ultra-Orthodox rabbinic status. In short, though at one time tempted by a possible career choice in technical writing that would have required and outlay that promised to repay itself tutto pronto, I have just never been involved.

But now, as per the above Stefan Molyneux Tweet and my reply which is presently gaining some traction in the Twittersphere, in addition to a news segment by fellow St. Louisan Owen J. Shroyer’s about enlisting even employed, though indebted Liberals being called upon to quit their jobs in order to join the unwitting good fight for none other than our friendly non-local Globalists (because anyone with no mind of his own should be afraid of the end of the rigged, entitlement society), it now occurs to me that the whole thing was minutely planned out from the beginning, much like the Syrian migrant crisis. which of course has nothing to do with Syria.

Plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty

Just as dear Emma Lazarus described in “Colossus.” and preserved for posterity at the base of the Statue of Liberty, it now seem apparent that student loan debt has created a kind of internal immigrant class right in the very heart of motherland USA. Mommy’s basement and the proverbial couch are in no way a homestead to fight for. and most of these student-debtors have no trade to ply other than bike lock wielding or spraying pepper spray. They have no intention whatsoever of getting a job to shore up the Ponzi scheme of Social Security and therefore by extension though Made in America are no different from the wave upon wave of economic refugees wanting to fill their pockets with all the goodies Western society. So why why shouldn’t student debt have been part of the grand plan to bring down Western civilization around our ears ?

Do this lost generation actually know how to read, must less write having been nurtured in the NeverNeverLand of higher education? do they cotton to anything of note in the plastic arts? can they listen to anything but music composed of C, G, and F chords, set to a fetal heartbeat rhythm and ending in an orgasmic crescendo? have they even been exposed to the grand masters of 20th century cinema? Most likely not, as were they not forcibly denied any kind of moral compass, they wouldn’t be so easily lead astray.