Childfree Is A Legitimate Choice
The Nib

Hey there, Allyson and Therese!
First off, I’d like to say how much I enjoyed your story-telling format. The cartoon style makes it very engaging, and letting real women speak directly to your readers gets the point across very effectively well done. It takes a special talent and wisdom to write something like this! Well done.
As society grows and matures, it’s my prayer that one day people who remain childless will do so not out of fear of the world into which a baby is born. That reason makes me sad, not for the folks making the decision, but as a statement on how poorly we humans treat one another. Other than that, I’m not even sure it’s always a choice; I think in many cases it’s like our sexual orientation; it’s who someone is. Ultimately, whatever reason someone chooses to have or not to have children, it’s no one’s place to judge them. As humans we should support each other for who we are, encourage each other to be the best we can be, and to celebrate the unique gifts, talents and weirdness we all bring into the world. Thanks for your article!

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