11 Things Developers Love Hearing From Non-Developer Co-Workers
Whitney Meers

Many smiles generated. As an ancient ex-tech (mainframes, fortran, punch cards, transistors and computer cases the size of a mini-van) I loved getting suggestions from folks about how to repair systems. Always helpful.
As a minister serving for over twenty years I have learned that the key word in leadership or team efforts is trust: trust that the people you’re working with or have asked to do a job know what they’re doing, then let them do it. Provide clear goals (it should do these things, but doesn’t need to get into these things) and what you’re trying to accomplish (I’d like people to support this new idea) and then stand back and watch the magic happen. Be there to answer questions or clarify your vague ideas, and then expect that the thing will work as expected but maybe not the way you thought. Creative people should be free to create according to their unique gifts and vision. Trust them, and they will reward you far beyond your expectations.

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