If you know me, you know that I hated pictures. I’m disgusted by people taking pictures of everything they see. I don’t like people taking pictures of me, or pictures of myself. I just dislike pictures in general.

Then I bought a nice camera, thanks to my impulsive habits and Milo Wang’s encouragement. And literally a whole new world opened up. It’s almost as if every single orange I’ve ever tasted was bland and sour, which caused me to hate oranges. Then someone showed me the tangy sweet oranges, juicy mandarins, fruits that are bursting with flavor and profile. That’s what happened, except it’s not oranges, it’s photos.

It’s funny, now I love taking pictures with a nice camera. I’m able to capture the essence of wonderful moments and treasure them forever. I can capture a slice of a moment that are so crisp and sharp that it just might be better than the moment itself. It’s wonderful, and awesome.

The photos that I’m used to seeing people post on Facebook or Instagram are just flat pictures that vary in color and clarity. But with my camera I can construct a world inside an image and truly appreciate it as if it was real.

This morning something magical happened. As I was biking to work, I stared into the distance past the falling rain and into the autumn street. It was full of crisp leaves of varying shades of orange and yellow. I saw an image emerge from the houses, the leaves, and the trees on that street. I wanted to capture it, but I had to go to work so I didn’t have a chance. Plus, it was raining so I couldn’t have brought my camera out. Maybe I’ll go back this afternoon and try it.

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