10kv, 35kv Three Phase on Load Tap Changer Transformer

  1. Brief Description
    SZ11 series on-load-tap-changing oil-immersed transformer is an upgraded product developed based on S11 series oil-immersed transformer. The voltage fluctuation and load change of power grid lead to fluctuation of output voltage of transformer during the running. If the voltage is too high or too low, the electric equipment will fail to work normally and even be burnt, and the insulation and efficiency of the transformer will be influenced. To ensure the variation of the output voltage within a reasonable range, voltage regulation is necessary. The product may operate the on-load tap changer manually or automatically to regulate the voltage when it is loaded, or realize remote voltage control through a controller.

2. Application Scope
The product applies to the users who require stable voltage and the voltage fluctuation of power grid is big.

3. Model Description

4. Standards
GB 1094.1, GB 1094.2,GB 1094.3,GB 1094.5,
IEC 60076–1:2000,IEC 60076–2:1993, IEC 60076–3:2000, IEC 60076–5:2006
,GB/T 6451,GB/T 20052,etc

GB 1094.1, GB 1094.2, GB 1094.3, GB 1094.5, 
IEC 60076–1:2000, IEC 60076–2:1993, IEC 60076–3:2000, IEC 60076–5:2006, 
GB/T 6451, GB/T 20052, etc

5. Normal Service Conditions
Height above sea level: Not greater than 1,000m;
Ambient temperature: Maximum temperature: +40ºC;
Maximum daily average temperature: +30ºC;
Maximum annual average temperature: +20ºC;
Minimum outdoor temperature: -25ºC;
Installation environment: ground acceleration caused by earthquake: ag<2m/s

6. Features
(1). On-load voltage regulation is possible, thus providing users with stable voltage output. 
(2). The low voltage adopts foil winding, thus enhancing the ability of the transformer to withstand the sudden short circuit; as the low voltage adopts copper foil winding, the electric field distribution of transformer is uniform. The low-voltage inner frame adopts formed hard paper tube, while the high-voltage outer half lap is wound with tasteless glass adhesive tape layer by layer. The compression pad adopts the laminated wood, thus enhancing the mechanical strength of the transformer. The transformer uses vacuum oil filling, which may totally eliminate the bubble in the coil, so as to improve the overall ability of the transformer to withstand the sudden short circuit.
(3). The tank rim adopts stainless steel bolts, with beautiful appearance.
(4). The sealing elements adopt formed parts, with the sealing reliability of the transformer enhanced.

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