96% of Americans think the world is getting worse. That’s insane.

Image credit: Dan Carlson (Unsplash)

I know it may seem that world is getting worse, but consider this:

“What’s actually happening is our information about what’s wrong in the world is getting better. A century ago, there would be a battle that wiped out the next village, you’d never even hear about it. Now there’s an incident halfway around the globe and we not only hear about it, we experience it.” -Ray Kurzweil

I believe that never before in human history have people on this planet have had this type of power — to share stories, create movements, and make an impact.

(This isn’t a political rant. This is a perspective rant.)

Sure, things aren’t perfect.

There are very serious issues facing the world.

But, there are tons of examples that things are getting better — including dramatic decreases in absolute poverty, child labor, infant mortality rates, homicide/violent crime rates, and many more.

That said, only 6% of Americans think the world is getting better.

94% think it’s getting worse.

That’s insane.


Here’s the choice I think we have:

a) See the world as falling apart and going to sh*t and be depressed 
b) See that we have more power than ever to make an impact, and focus on how to leverage that.

Change isn’t going to happen overnight.

But, people have more of a voice, more ways to connect, and more opportunities to make a direct impact on things that are important to them than ever before.

It’s actually an incredible time in human history.

I know it can be depressing (and scary) what is happening around the world.

But here’s the thing:

We can *choose* to see the world as falling apart and that things are happening to us.

Or we can *choose* to focus on all the things we are now able to do, and take advantage of that — knowing that we are making a difference in our actions regardless of the immediate outcomes.

We decide what story to tell ourselves.

It’s a choice.

And personally, I’m trying to focus on the power and possibilities we have now, more than ever, to push the world forward 🙌 🌏

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