Cruise To Freedome

With many kinds of advertising existing in the industry the creators need to create new ways to grabs consumers attention. This advertisement shows need to escape. This kind of advertising is crucial for today’s society. Since today people work a lot they need to find a way how to get away from things. This is what people need the most from advertising this day. This ad is showing a very large boat going towards the sunset. This ad if focused on families. Of people who just got married. It is a wide range of people who it is focused on. Need to escape is used a lot in modern advertisement, this is a great example that affectively reaches its target audience by promising the tires will help consumer to escape reality.

This advertisement is bases on Freud theory, a cruise ship cruising away in to the sunset. You subconsciously want to be on the cruise. In the advertisement there are many things that catch consumers attention. For example the boat, the water, the sunset. It got my attention by the size of the ship. Most of the people will look at it and will wish they were on the cruise. This is need to escape because most people can’t effort to live on a huge boat surfing the ocean. This also shows need for aesthetic sensation. This is one of the elements because of the amount and the color used for the sunset. Color is one of the main things the creators focused on in the advertisement. The name of the company is “celebrity cruises” this can be interpreted as if you go on the cruise you will be like a celebrity. You can live like someone you have seen on tv. This will get many teenagers attention. Many of youth groups follow celebrities on social media and are obsessed with them.

In today’s society people work more to buy more things that they don’t need. People have a lot of wants, companies this celebrity cruises takes advantage of these kind of people. This advertisement looks expensive, this will want people to get it. Society today only cares how much things cost. Cruises like this is a luxury that most of people can’t effort. This is focused on upper middle to high class. This is also focused on family or people in a relation ship. This cruise doesn’t seem like it would be a great time for someone who will go by them selves.

This advertisement is sending a basic message if you have a lot of money go on a relaxing cruise. This particular ad does a terrific job of sending the message to rich part of population. The name of the cruise and the size of the ship all adds on to how high class and how fancy this trip is. Its saying you can escape everyday life in comfort and luxury.

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