Death Card

I saw her death card, it read July 23rd of this year, the hour down to the second was ingraved underneath the Government seal. In order to control the human population all expecting mothers are implanted with the Ajun. The Ajun, is an irrevocable death switch inserted into the fetus, that is programmed to detonate at a precise time. Everyone’s Ajun varies, some are set to 5, others to 80, my sweetheart only had 25 years and nine months. We all have to carry our death card, the government encourages us to wear it proudly to display our selfless act of service.

Nevaeh’s card was attached to a gold necklace, reminding me of her impending departure. I laughed and danced with her; held hands, shared our deepest dreams. We were inseparable.

Unfortunately she was a faithful sheep of our benevolent government, never questioning their sadistic motives.

She thought it was liberating to know the date of her departure, and wanted to bless society with her 25 years and 9 months. Most people live in unbridled debauchery, delaying religion until their final few minutes. Thus the duality of the Death Card, it inspires some to live an harmonious life contributing to the betterment of the community, and it justifies others to adopt a nihilistic worldview.

I remember her Ajun Day, her white dress flowing in the Summer breeze, her gorgeous smile hiding the tears. Her family was there, giving parting words and farewell kisses. Everyone was careful not to show signs of grief, just in case our Benevolent Government was watching. It was hard for me to hold back the tears as she laid on a bed of tulips and lilies, Feeling the spirit exiting from her body, her final seconds of life diminishing.

Years have went by I am 42, I have never looked at my Card and I never will. I may have 10 more years or 10 seconds left, my birth was a surprise

so is my death.

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