About 2017.

2017. 365 days have passed. At the beginning of the last year, I started making a few projects with the Arduino and look at me at the end of the year, I have learnt more in 2017 that I did in the any of the previous years of my life and it feels as though even this is less, that I can learn more, do more stuff and build more awesome projects. 2017 marks the start of an immense work life ahead.

On a lighter note, I started taking vlogging seriously in 2017. Nope, I don’t have a channel on YouTube. I have saved the videos on my computer to watch later. The understanding of the fact that smartphone cameras are way better than they ever have been and that you can capture segments of your life in video is so fascinating to me that I can’t help but hit the record button most of the time. I started working at the student branch of IEEE in my college as their Digital Marketing Head, and that has helped shape me tremendously, be it increasing my knowledge about Marketing, people skills, to taking up and completing a course on Consumer Neuroscience. The people you meet and surround yourself with impact your life a whole lot. IEEE was responsible to take me out of Mumbai for the first time to attend a congress in IIIT-Allahabad! A person who never left his city EVER, on a round trip of 3000 kilometers!

The Institute

One important thing I started in mid 2017 was taking up Harvard’s CS50, an introductory Computer Science course. As I said in my blogpost about CS50, the most important skill that this course taught me was learning how to learn. I realized that self education is highly important in today’s day and age. I am crippled by so many of my peers relying solely on formal education to ‘guarantee’ their ‘secure’ future. With the onset of this learning journey came taking Instagram seriously. I am documenting the journey there, the journey of an Indian guy in a tier 3 engineering college who is teaching himself stuff from the internet. It is a great, helpful community of developers on Instagram who are there whenever you need help, it’s all positivity.

I was a work oriented, non- stereotypical kid since forever but the most important thing that I gained in 2017 is the willingness to work that I inculcated in myself. Sure, I am no will power guru but I am better than I was at the end of 2016. I love what I do and I strive for the process more than anything. Just the sheer realization that time is the most precious resource that a young person like me has, made me value it a tremendous lot. Albeit, this did take a toll on my personal life, especially in the latter half of the year. But, you have to be one dimensional and many sacrifices in your life have to be made in order to achieve something great. I’ve lost almost all my ‘friends’ due to this but the end goal is of utmost importance, so I choose work over anything. The right people will stick around. That’s my philosophy.

Source: Tumblr

Nearing the end of 2017, in the Winter break from college, I started the 190 hour challenge on my Instagram, it is ongoing as I type this. I committed myself to the people of Instagram that I will work every single day of the 19 day vacation and that has really given me the push to stop wasting time and thus enabling me to develop my work ethic. I think committing yourself to someone like your mom, a friend or your followers on social media is a great way to motivate yourself to do more. A stranger DMed me on Instagram exactly on 1st January, 2018 and told me that I inspire him, how awesome is that! I completed the basics of Python and plan to complete Linear Algebra at MIT and a CCNA Networking fundamentals course by the end of these 19 days.

The 190 hour challenge on Instagram

2017 shaped me a lot. I didn’t do much reading in 2017 due to my ‘busy’ schedule but I am making it a point to read more in 2018. One of my main goals in 2018 is to work more, 70–80 hour work weeks are the goal. Speaking of work goals, I have to start learning Machine Learning sometime in 2018 and probably hone my JavaScript skills a little more to augment the ML apps I’d build. I would not reveal the details of my work goals here, but join me for the journey on Instagram. Ping me in the DM!

Let’s crush 2018.