Oh Habits!

I have a funny relationship with habits. Every time I try to build a new habit, the same exact thing happens to me. Of course, habits are built by repitition. You have to do something over and over again until it becomes a habit. I know that, so I try to follow that recipe. I start off well, I do the thing I want to develop into a habit for a while, and then one day I just forget for some odd reason, and that’s it. The routine is broken!

For example, I wanted to get into the habit of writing about something at least once a week. And I started off well. I did write a few articles, repost some other ones. Kept at it for while, until I just stopped.

I can blame it on excuses like traveling, going on a vacation, not being inspired, or a slew of other things. But that’s not really why. Those are exactly what I called them: “excuses”. The thing is that I really am bad at remembering to do something that I’ve set my mind on doing frequently. And that results in me being bad at developing new habits.

I can repeat something every day, and then one day just forget to do it and that’s it, the habit is broken. It is weird. I am aware of. I try to work around it, but it is not working!

So what I am trying to do is restart the process periodically.

Depending on the type of thing I want to do, I may restart the “habit process” weekly, monthly, or sometimes once a year.

It’s like new year resolutions, except that they are reestablished much more frequently.

So this post is the reincarnation of the “write weekly” resolution. It’s a silly, small post but it will have to do for now. Let’s see how long I can keep it up this time!

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