Over the weekend I was asked why I am “critical” of developers. As someone who is obsessed with being better, doing better, and my own self-improvement, I am highly critical of myself. I strongly believe that each individual should aim to do better all of the time. What I see happen, though, is the opposite.

There are many anecdotes that highlight how software developers are guilty of not providing the best service they can, and underperforming on a consistent basis. I can tell you the story of a designer with no development experience, who was told by a dev that…

Recently I had a simple task to do in a Ruby on Rails application. The style of the emails needed to show the same subject as a heading in the body of the email. Simple task, right? Sure, until you actually try it and realize that there is not a built in way to do it. It is still a quick fix, so let’s go through it.

The first instinct is to add a line like this to views/layouts/mailer.html.erb :

<h1><%= I18n.t('.subject') %></h1>

What this is supposed to do is to get the subject at the relative scope to where…

The Position of Fuck You (John Goodman in The Gambler)

There are two financial concepts I keep going back to over and over and over again: “Passive Income” and “Fuck You Money”. Passive income is something I plan towards on a personal level towards a good retirement. Fuck You Money is a theme that comes up a lot on a professional level. Ironic given the term isn’t very “professional” some might say!

Fuck You Money is defined by the Urban Dictionary (everyone’s favorite dictionary. PS: I hadn’t gone to that site in ages so I was quite surprised with the new branding) as:

The exact amount of money required in…

“I wish we could hire more junior people. small project consulting makes that hard, for us at least. if we had a product or much bigger project teams, slotting a junior person in would be so much easier.”

That’s a message I got through chat from someone I know. And while I understand the source of it, I want to challenge everyone to flip the scenario. I’ve been delaying writing about this for a long time, for reasons I’ll tackle in a bit, but this comment pushed me to just do it. …

Behind every great project, idea, or platform requires the proper development. Here at B&G that is what we do best, and it would seem some others would agree! We are proud to announce our recent inclusion in Clutch’s press release! Clutch is a Washington, D.C. based ratings and reviews marketplace. Clutch conducts client reviews with past and current clients to obtain an accurate understanding of the type of service provided by companies.

Clutch performs these client reviews primarily through the medium of interview style phone calls. Clutch then compiles all of these reviews along with their ranking system to identify…

TDD is a big part of how I develop software. I use TDD to help me design the software I’m writing as well as serve as a to-do list for the things that need to be built for the app. That means that sometimes I write tests for things that I know I want to include but not at the moment. These are smaller steps of the bigger feature but possibly not the core functionality. …

It is Friday evening, I just spent my entire afternoon on drama instead of being productive and working on billable stuff. Yet this time of drama is actually directly related to the work I do and why it really matters to me to be involved and help be part of a solution.


RubyTogether is an organization that was created to help make sure that Ruby and all of the infrastructure that the Ruby community depends on can be sustained for a long time. …

X: I need help.
You: With what?
X: With something.
You: What thing?
X: A thing that’s giving me problems.
You: Okay.
X: Can you help me?
You: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How would you feel if you we were part of a similar conversation? Wouldn’t you get frustrated at the fact that you are not given sufficient information from the person who is asking you for help? I would. A conversation like this feels like pulling teeth. The person who is asked for help is also asked to do a lot of work in order to provide said help. …

Recently Github changed their cryptography policies for SSL connections, something they had previously announced would be deprecated but took effect last week: https://githubengineering.com/crypto-removal-notice/. Most people around the world probably did not even notice. I, on the other hand, was running the ansible-galaxy install -r provisioning/requirements.yml and all of the sudden it stopped working.

When you’re running a command using a tool that you didn’t touch, didn’t update, did make a single change to, and then it stops working out of the blue from one minute to the other, that can makes you go mad. What happened? What did I do…

#ThisIsWhataFilmDirectorLooksLike photo credit: Elena Rossini

If you are paying attention to pop culture at the moment you are probably aware of the conversation surrounding the Black Panther movie and what it means for people of color, and especially people of African descent, to have a super hero movie that represents them. The same conversations are happening in Hollywood in regards to female representation. Black Panther is the first super hero movie with a primarily black cast directed by a black person. There is also a lack of big budget movies directed by female directors. There is a general sentiment that what has been historically produced…

Youssef Chaker

Bear & Giraffe LLC, WAHOO class of '08, LAK '04

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