It’s been a week since Valentine’s day. Across the nation, a bouquet of roses received from loved ones are beginning to welt. Brown teddy bears attached to a heart shaped pillow are collecting dust and a box of half eaten melted chocolates are left sitting on a dining room table. Valentine’s day can make a woman wait for hours in anticipation, just to wonder what gift she may receive. As for a man, it can be the most confusing forceful overrated holiday of the year.

However, what gets more interesting is making the whole idea of love fascinating by having others embrace the kind of love you have created.

Meet Yonatan, aka Yon, 29 a Mexican-American whose parents come from the lovely Mariachi capital of the world, Guadalajara, Mexico. Raised in Fullerton, California and working 9–5 at his family business auto insurance office, Yonatan helped his parents so they don’t have to work hard later in life and keep the business strong. Now that business is good, Yonatan has the opportunity to devote his passion for art.

Last weekend was his LOVE the ART show in Los Angeles. Yon who isn’t afraid to push barriers is not a typical man who hides his feelings, but a typical man who shows his feelings through his actions as he displayed his art in front of friends and family and amongst other young motivated artist.

YGS (Youth, Growth, and Strength), the motto that Yonatan lives by and where it all started, elementary school. By being top of his class for receiving art awards he was paid for his artwork he painted on a brick wall, and still standing till this day at Valencia Park Elementary school.

“I had a teacher that really inspired me, named Mrs. Hammen. I was drawing one day and she looked over me, I felt the pressure of her looking at my work and I messed up, I made an error. I started to erase and she stopped me and told me, “There are no mistakes in art.” Since that day, those words stuck on to me and after that, she guided me from where I thought I had made a mistake, said Yonatan.”

What keeps him inspired after all these years?

Every second of the day, especially while driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in his midnight blue e46 M3 to Big Sur. Yonatan embraces his surroundings. He hears the ocean waves crashing into old volcanic rock sharp edges and is enlightened by the mixed of colors it brings such as blue, teal and turquoise before the waves tie back in together. However visiting the beach at night and smelling the salt water breeze is where he finds most if his inspirations.

“Most of my creations, everything that I’ve done, my T-shirts, my sunglasses, my art pieces have always been spawned by boredom. I just sit there and get created. Being alone in my head, I contemplate things I space out, whether it is being alone or at a party, where I am thinking to myself, “I should have stayed home and painted.” Life in starters, just being alive and being able to create something new. I acknowledge new things, new art.”

So how does Yonatan’s innovative mind come to life?


It was in the beginning of freshmen year at Fullerton College. One day I was at home and my parents left out of town to Las Vegas. I was walking around the house and I had just purchased a new pair of sunglassses. I was wearing them around the house while thinking about ideas and new inventions to create. I noticed a piece of material that my dad had ripped off a back window laying on a table. It was see through and had the letters California written on it. That caught my attention. I love Cali. So I took that part out, cut it out, put it on my sunglasses and wore them to school the next day, said Yonatan.”

By creating a new trend everyone first looked at Yonatan crazy, but after questions came rolling in, who, what, where and how did he come about them, the rest is history.


I designed for a couple of people to the point where I started sending out thousands of orders. It was pretty cool, but it got to the point where I got bored. It wasn’t about the money and I wanted to start something new.

As Yonatan and many other individuals can relate to the sleepless nights of insomnia, affecting millions of people around the world. He turned a positive into a negative with his imagination and created a t-shirt design, Success Over Sleep.

“It was 4 a.m., I kept thinking about my clothing brand and a design that I wanted to create, I am awake right now, not sleeping in my bed, I’m trying to be successful and that is when it came to me. Success over Sleep. I simplified it, instead of trying to make it so complicated, said Yonatan.


After that everyone who knew Yonatan and those who followed his page YGSVISION fell in love with his design and wanted to support and be a part of his new venture.

Music also plays a big role in setting the mood.

I like listening to Anderson Paak, Frank Ocean, Drake, and Jay-Z. Jay-Z motivates me, he is a very inspirational person and I still hold a lot of his quotes that he has said. I live by his quotes. If I could do a huge project, I would do a set for Jay-Z or something for Kobe Bryant, if I could do a project for them that would be pretty cool.”

What makes his art different from others?

“It’s everything; wood, paint, glitter, metal, blood, sweat, and tears. My vision, I can see past barriers. Most artist that I do appreciate and don’t knock on create beautiful canvases. However, I like creating a 3D event and 3D art pieces where you can immerse yourself in it.

Faith Raines

Last fall, Yonatan had his very first art show called Spin the Art Show, in memory of his friend.


“At his memorial ceremony, his art was displayed everywhere and I told myself people need to see this, people need to see his art. Everyone knew the guy, but no one knew the artist so I named the show after him.”

Once Spin the art show was ready for the world to see, everyone was already asking Yonatan for his next show.

“I thought to myself I can do an art show in three months, which would be around Valentine’s day. One thing we all need more is LOVE.”


I hope the people that came to the art show had that fluttery feeling and goosebumps by seeing art from an artist point of view, but self love as well is important, having confidence is key.

My last two pieces I put a lot of emotions in it, just thinking about my friend that passed away. I want to let people know that he is still around and here spiritually even though hes gone.

Faith Raines

I am broken just like my art piece, I’m still positive on the inside and my heart is still pumping, just like my piece. If you have no emotions while doing art, then you are not an artist, you are just in it for the money.

“As for those who have shown me support I would like to give a shout out to my friends. Such as Spencer who always helps me and Ismael. Rafael Portillo aka burro, a talented Mexican artist and owner of his company Vuro, gave me a chance to rent out his space. Benito Barco who was not apart of the art show. However was very instrumental in the first show so I wanted to thank him for teaching me the ropes. And shout out to all my ex-girlfriends. I invited all of them I hope they all became good friends after seeing my show.”

As for my friends and family having them give me that recognition and encouragement that my art is something that they do appreciate, gives me more confidence and inspiration to keep going.


As for now my mind is set for Egypt to see the pyramids and Machu Picchu. Taking in Gods beautiful creations to build my brand.