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Jan 13, 2017 · 4 min read

Okay jokesters, as you may have noticed lately, the dislikes-to-likes ratio on my videos has been significantly higher. I know there are a ton of haters out there who don’t respect the craft of daily vlogging and I think it’s because they don’t understand the effort and commitment that goes into making them — it’s a full time job!

Some may say filming random parts of my day is not a real job and requires no actual effort, but they’re wrong. I put everything into showing you my life.

I’m going to take you through a typical day to show the haters how much work actually goes in to a vlog of this quality.

So here we go… this is my day!


“WHAT IS UP MY JOKESTERS OF YOUTUBE!!!” I yell while staring intensely into my camera inside of Starbucks, startling everyone around. It doesn’t matter though — this is my greeting to fans that watch me live my life out daily and it needs to be done here and now.

I’m YouTuber RayJokes4Lyfe — Millions of people watch me every single day and it needs to be kept interesting. If I were to do this inside of my own home then nobody would watch. And so I have to venture out of the house to make it exciting.

My next stop on today’s journey is to a clothing store because I need to wear the most current clothes. Watch as I try them on for the next 5 minutes of the video. I question the viewers as to which of the jeans that I tried on I should buy but I don’t actually care, I just need them to comment to increase my revenue. Besides, I’ve already made my decision as the video is up 24 hours after this event even took place!

Before I head to the beach, I just have time to tell you from my car that I’m doing so. Some would say it is extremely dangerous to vlog while driving but to those people I would say that I am just committed to the craft. I’ll take the danger, even if it means putting others lives at risk because hearing me talk in the car is integral to the vlog at all costs. Besides, it only really gets dangerous when I Snapchat myself vlogging myself driving. It’s so meta and cool looking though!

Now it’s beach time. I get to test out my drone and get some amazing aerial shots that will take the production level of this up about 1000%. Bear in mind I use a point-and-shoot for the majority of this vlog and so this is an easy way to give my vlogs some kind of artistic merit — at least, that’s what the drone is marketed to do.

Next on the vlog for today, it’s a trip to fellow YouTuber BriDaGuy’s house to shoot a collab video in which one of us has to guess what number the other is thinking of. This gives me a chance to get some new fans from him, as well as the YouTuber whose idea we are copying. Some may complain about this but who cares? Fallon will be doing the same thing in 6 months time on The Tonight Show anyway!

GYM TIME!!! Watch as I show you my unsupervised technique to weight lifting. Did I ever tell you I’m self-taught? I made up all these exercises myself! Don’t worry about the speed at which I’m going though, I’ll explain it all in more detail on my separate gym channel. (Please subscribe to it if you haven’t already!)

Next up is my favorite part of the day — dinner! I’m going to cook one of my go to meals. As you know, I like to stay healthy, and so with the help of my trusty George Foreman Grill ™, I’m going to cook a meal of chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. If you want to see how I made it, then go to my Patreon page and subscribe. For just $10 a month I’ll show you a ton of great recipes like this, and I even throw in a personalized thank you email!

It’s time for me to say goodnight to my jokesters but not before I get serious and give you some motivational tips for living your life. Today it’s on the topic of achieving your dreams. I’m going to gloss over it because I need to get up early, and I also don’t really have too much insight on this. I kind of lucked out on my success. But I will say this — Fame is fleeting and you can be irrelevant in no time at all once people realize you’re not actually offering anything of merit. So make sure what you create is worthwhile. At least that’s what I do!

For now I’ll keep doing this though. You were probably drawn to this video by the clickbait headline and thumbnail. Here’s a little inside scoop — they don’t even relate to the actual video! Shocker, I know. If I don’t include a headline like “I’M HAVING A BABY?!?!” with a thumbnail of me looking scared then how else am I expected to gain viewership? I know you’re asking how I get around these lies, but I didn’t actually lie. I was having a baby… a food baby! Yep, I’m a master at this!

Tomorrow I’ll make basically the same video but I’ll title it completely differently. The only thing changing around here is my bank account!

This was a day in my life! Don’t forget to give a thumbs up, comment, and follow me at all the links below!


Yiannis Cove

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I write, make films, and share a name with the biggest joke in music. Contributing writer: @TheSecondCity, @thisisrobotbutt

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