YCS dynamic student, DaQuann Harrison

DaQuann Harrison is a junior who’s making incredible strides in the community. He not only loves, “being at school and learning,” his reputation of professionalism and dynamic presence is catapulting him into the national spotlight.

A few years ago DaQuann started playing drums and preaching at New Millenium Church, (his home church is International Gospel Center). That led to speaking at conferences, (he’s spoken at a dozen local universities and schools including the recent event at University of Michigan Law School where Vanita Gupta, Head of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Justice, was present), with topics ranging from the school-to-prison pipeline to general motivational messaging to students of all ages. This past year DaQuann was offered a position as a building intern at Ypsilanti Community High School, assisting building administrators with hallway monitoring, transportation logistics and daily communications. He says his peers respect him and are some of his biggest supporters.

We had a chance to speak with his mentor Anell Eccleston, at the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan. Mr. Eccleston has seen him make exceptional growth in knowledge of activism and student advocacy, having overcome some difficult circumstances. We were thrilled to learn that DaQuann has been invited to speak at the Dignity in Schools Conference in April and is also waiting to confirm a trip to Washington, D.C. this summer.

For his senior year, DaQuann is looking forward to playing football under the tutelage of Coach Fred Jackson, acting as a student leader and continuing his path to a career in social work and criminal justice.

We are so proud of the leadership DaQuann has exemplified at every opportunity. His proactive nature is astounding and we applaud all your hard work. Congratulations, DaQuann! #YCSdynamic