Your 2016 Family Portrait

Happy New Year! We hope your vacation was everything you intended it to be. Resolutions, anyone? Our resolutions include this, the very blog you’re reading. We hope it’s easier to read, prettier, more enticing. But wait, there’s more.

When Dr. Edmondson started his post as Superintendent this past summer, he recognized the need for marketing. Toute suite. With the branding of a “social” logo (the circular logo you see as our profile with variations of it) and lots and lots of imagery flooding social media along a new blog (or rather now, the old blog), Dr. E knew that visuals were vital for revitalizing the district.

Now comes the good news for you.

All YCS employees and families are eligible for a photo shoot. For $20. Here’s what you get.

  • One digital, high resolution photo. This means you can share it online and print as much as you’d like (it will be pretty crisp and sharp up to 11 x 14 inches)
  • It will be delivered to you via email, usually about 48 hours later (processing and light editing takes time)
  • Up to 8 people in the photo (because that’s what we have lighting capability for, no exceptions)

See how nice it looks?

Dr. Edmondson with his mother and two sons.

Now for the rules.

  • Appointments are on Sundays only for now. Find all the information and make your appointment online here.
  • You must be a current employee of YCS or have a YCS student currently enrolled in order to take advantage of this deal. No exceptions.
  • Please make cancellations via email up to 12 hours before to We understand “life happens”, but if you’re a no-email, no-show two times, we will not be able to offer you this service in the future.
  • 8 people maximum. No pets. :(
  • $20. Cash only. At time of appointment.
  • One session available per family, per semester.

It’s pretty straightforward. 15 minutes and you have a beautiful photo of your family. This offer will continue as long as there’s interest. And we would love to flood the internet with photos of our families to show the world what our district truly looks like.

About the Photographer

Many of you have probably noticed Nick, the guy with the lens attached to his face at school and events. He’s typically pretty quiet and tries to stay out of the way. He probably won’t tell you about the time he flew from Singapore to Belgium to Pennsylvania for a client photo shoot, or that he’s worked on location on the Amalfi coast in Italy for National Geographic catalog. Nope. But he will tell you how much fun he’s had teaching photography in Bright Futures at YCS, instructing students on different techniques like high speed photo and “ghosting”.

If you have questions, ask him. He loves to share the photography process with people.

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