Rarity.Tools adds “derived traits” to customize rarity and ranking to individual projects

  • Ranking by the rarest trait
  • Does not consider the overall rarity of the NFTs, only the rarest trait
  • Takes the rarity of each trait and averages them out
  • Weakens NFTs with unique 1 of 1s

— Roadmap [short-term] —

Cross Promotion

  • (Began) September 10th.
  • We are open to promote YCS as collaborating with other renowned collections in NFTs. We have started doing promotions since the 10th of September, and plan to continue.
  • We will continue to reach out and collaborate with other projects.

Rarity Tools & OpenSea Verification

  • Rarity Tools : Rarity on Rarity…

Shabu Yakuza

Tattoo Artist of Backstreet, Dedicating creative stuff @YCSDAO

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