On waking early

Those people who know me personally know that I am NOT a person who enjoys waking up early. The idea usually leads to the following thought:

And yet…I was up early this morning, working on some documents I needed to update and send. Granted, I was probably typing with one eye open, but the work was completed. Even more surprising: I was dressed and ready to leave for work without rushing around or feeling like I was half asleep.

I was surprised that I was able to function at that time of morning, since I usually hit the snooze bar several times in a sad attempt at more sleep. I’ve been listening to the Seanwes podcast lately. There’s an episode where Sean talks about why getting up early works better for him even though he’s more of a night owl. He finds that he gets more work done and he’s more focused.

It must be something about the rest of the world not being up yet to interrupt you or make demands on your time. I don’t know the scientific reasons for why getting up early to work seems to help with getting things done. I might try it again to see what else I can accomplish. Who knows? Maybe this will become a habit.

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