The Freedom of Death

As I laid, together my kids and I suffocating with the horrendous smell of feces and urine and the smell of blood from our loved ones who sadly passed away. It was 110 degrees inside the boat and we were fighting to get the last pieces of fresh air there was. While, the boat moved from side to side,each time covering us with a thicker layer of feces and vomit. Many bodies of people who have died during our journey were still there. Just caring for the money they’ll make while selling us. While we were here suffering each and everyday. With an unpleasant smell of a bunch of people locked in a room after running a marathon without any source of water, each day wanting our freedom .

As the ghost man released us, women and kids from those petrifying chains they noticed my dear children were sick. They rapidly took us out into the top deck and hurried to their master. We had no time to waste, as we were looking around we saw some shiny objects reflecting the brightness of the sun. They looked very sharp and gravied as much as possible as we could carry it without hurting ourselves. We grabbed them and threw them and warned them before we threw them. We hurried and acted like nothing happened. As, they came back they acted very strangely and treated us very well just like if we were newborn babies.

For, a couple of days, they feed us 3 times a day which we were very thankful for but at the same time, we thought it was very strange. Until they strike us down. They took us down very hard, they took away what everyone in the boat valued the most. What made us wait for our freedom until it came.What made us want to set an example that war was not the answer. The ghost man took my kids…. The only thing that was important to me the only thing I cared for, the only thing that made me realize that love is all we need in our lives in order to be happy.

“MAMA PLEASE TELL THEM NOT TO TAKE MEEE! I’M SCARED! MAMA PLEASE TELL THEM PLEASE!!” Screamed Bryce and Sebastian as tears rolled down their eyes.

“PLEASE DON’T TAKE THEM! TAKE ME INSTEAD!! THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!” I barked at them as I was weeping. As, the others just watched and hoped best for us, some weeping and some praying for their God to help us, on this hard journey were going through. They killed them in matters of seconds. They threw them in the ocean not caring at all, since I was the only family member they had on the boat. I was forced to see every single second. How they cut the inside of their body. All the orangs coming out and blood everywhere just see my kids with there little poor eyes closed. Weeping and full of hatred towards them thinking…

“How can they have such cold hearts, were humans just as they are too. What have we done wrong? How does the color of our skin mean a hing? How can they treat us different just because of skin color.We are just as them in many ways. We breath the same air as anyone else does.” Shedding tears I got up and just as they were going to close the door.

“I Lindsay Marcelle am a women of color and do not deserve to be treated this way.” As I furiously say this, I threw a wooden spear over a man’s chest and it went threw his and out and got caught on the other man’s leg. As, they both fell to the ground everyone got free from this wicked chains and attacked. It seems like hours and we fight together in this war for the freedom we want. Many follow me through and got my back when I needed it, everyone would treat me as their leader as we fight for our freedom we fight for those people who lost their lives during the journey. For every single family members we had taken away from us. We hated them for what those idiots did and for how they took it away from us.

“WILL NEVER GIVE UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT!” I joyfully screamed with pleasure and full of excitement, I look up at the sky I sow the birds flying freely through the sky, and silently whispered,

“One day I’ll be just free and away from mistreatment away from suffer away from any form of racism, just free.”

“Lindsay” shouted the captain full of hated. I shooked and looked right away towards the direction I heard the voice from.

“You’ll never step foot out of this boat and will definitely will never see for feel freedom, You shall perish Lisay for all the harm you have created and all the blood you have shed.” as he shot his gun towards my stomach. As I slowly fell to the ground I looked at the sky and just smiled.

“I surely didn’t step foot out of this boat but I surely did feel freedom, and it felt nice captain. Thank You.” As I smiled and happily weep. I heard a loud and cheerful scream!!


“THANK YOU….. You saved us and ave us freedom which we will always thank you for.” Weeping with joy they all said. As, I slowly close my eyes… and slowly and silently said….

“ Glad I died with freedom, The freedom I deserved and been wanting for a long time at least I will die with people who care for me and people who I have care for and who I love the most I love you guys and thank you for letting me rest peacefully” ……….. As I slowly closed my eyes…….. And went to sleep.

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