Video prototype


This time I created a 60-second video to demonstrate the motivation, usage, and functionality of Pronto Bikes. For those of you that don’t know Pronto I can tell you that is a Bike sharing system that runs in the city of Seattle. Pronto Bikes allow you to rent a bike in any of the 50 stations around the city and return them, once your trip is over, to any station. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, station map, helmets for your convenience, and a docking system that releases bikes using a member key or ride code. To learn more about how pronto works you can visit their site.

For this video I decided to focus on the user’s motivation for using a Pronto Bike and at the same time show some of the interaction between the kiosk at a Pronto Station an the user.

The story for this video is set around a couple expecting a baby. They are relaxing at home and she gets a craving, then the husband, to please his wife, decides to run to the grocery store. While he is rushing through the city he comes by a Pronto station and he realizes that he can get to the pharmacy and back to his pregnant wife if he rents a bike. After getting her the treat he realizes how useful Pronto bikes are for this type of situations and he decides to download the app to find the closest stations for next time.


I want to start the storyboard section by apologizing for the horrible drawings, as you can see my ability to sketch is null or void.

The video starts with the couple relaxing at home and then she realizes that she has a craving. the craving realization screen was implemented using a closeup of her face and a cupcake appearing on the corner of the screen.

Then the husband gets ready to leave the house to get a cupcake for the wife. I did filmed the going down the stairs scene but decided to remove it because I did not feel it added much to the story.

The next scenes show how the husband come across with the Pronto station, decides to purchase a bike, interacts with the kiosk and rides to the QFC to get the cupcake, install the app and go back home. I did not include the getting the cupcake scene because of time constrains and it not adding to the video.

Finally, he arrives home with the treat. I did not include the final scene of them together because of time issues.


The video was filmed using my old Samsung Galaxy SIII, (I refuse to buy a new phone until this one breaks) unfortunately the camera quality on this one is not that good. For the editing I used Adobe Premiere because I am very comfortable with this piece of software and I have used it many times.

I think that the major pitfalls with this video are related to my storyline. I wanted to create a video that will show a user that decided to try out a Pronto bike for the first time. I went with the assumption that the user has heard of Pronto before since he lives in Seattle. Because I wanted to go with this storyline I did not know how to place the user’s interaction with the app. It would not make any sense for a first time user to already have the app installed. Therefore, I went with the concept of: after he tries the service he likes it and then decides to install the app for future occasions.

Now, looking back I can see that the moment I chose for the app installation may have not been the most adequate. It may have been best to film the last scene and show them together allowing the actor to have time to reflect about how useful Pronto was and then install the application instead of showing him installing the application while he was still on the go. The last thing ended up being a bit confusing and fast.

For this video I chose “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and I went with the instrumental version. I think the song is a good fit to the story, upbeat, (to show him rushing to the store) without being obtrusive and it also reflects the love of the husband for his wife as he is trying to please her with a sweet treat.

I think that overall I did a good job, having into consideration that this is my first time creating this type of prototype. However, for next projects I will make sure to spend more time actually thinking about the storyline, and even have more story lines that support better what I am trying to say. Finally, I must remember not to fall in love with a concept and just do it because it sounds fun and exciting to me, I must go with what will work best for the viewer that will end up consuming my product.

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