Before you make an effort and create a video, do you like to get an idea of how many views you are going to get from the video?

This article will guide you on how to create a model and predict YouTube views for a video that does not already exist on YouTube.

As we all know using and watching YouTube videos is an important part of our everyday lives. Most people are trying to build their influence, income, and impact with YouTube and online video. In nutshell, everyone is trying to be a YouTube influencer. It will be nice…

We used JProfiler for analyzing the application CPU and Memory consumption. If your application is using mongoDB you can do a database profiling through JProfiler and make your application with NoSQL in a utilization way.

First of all you have to install JProfiler and integrate with your IDE. In here I’m integrating it to IntelliJ IDEA. If you are new to JProfiler you can get help from here to integrate JProfiler with IntelliJ. If your integration is successfull your IDE will be looks like below.

Hibernate Envers is a library that helps to maintain Revisions for changes. Through this library we can easily achieve the audit functionality.This Audit functionality is performed to a persistent class/entity and It has a built in functionality to maintain the history of those tables in Hibernate.We can use this library for scenarios which we want to keep track of changes made throughout the time. Rather than implementing a version mechanism from the scratch in code level, using Hibernate inbuilt library Envers is the best way.

Using Hibernate Envers we can Audit all mappings defined by JPA specification or Hibernate mappings…

This will tells you how we can create a JSON object from an uploaded Excel file to the browser.You can achieve this by doing below tasks step by step.

The first thing is getting the excel file from the user. We can do it using the <input> tag in HTML. It shows below. (<input type=”file” id=”fileUploader” name=”fileUploader” accept=”.xls, .xlsx”/>)

Yamuna Dulanjani

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