What will Instagram’s equivalent to the “puppy selfie lens” be?

AKA what’s supposed to make social media users prioritize Instagram Stories over Snapchat?

Let’s face it, the ladies (and guys!) love the puppy face, flower crown and other selfie lenses on Snapchat. Some folks I follow on Snapchat actually use one of those filters on a daily basis (in almost every. single. snap.) and even post pictures or videos with the filters on their Instagram profiles. It’s safe to say they’re a hit.

When Instagram decided to copy Snapchat with Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, one of the first things people asked was “So will Instagram have lenses now?” While they haven’t popped up yet, we can all bet that they’re on the way due to their popularity. Snapchat users come to the app on a daily basis eager to discover new lenses.

While the lenses aren’t my favorite part of the app (I actually don’t really care for them), I do wonder what Instagram will do to compete with them. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Instagram acquired Masquerade back in March, a company that allows you to integrate live filters to your selfies. Instagram is patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to come for Snapchat once again but in my opinion, they need to do so in a hurry.

So what are Instagram Stories’ main features again?

Well it’s a short list. So far the only features are basic tone filters, text overlay, the ability to upload photos and video from the last 24 hours to your story, and a camera flip and zoom in with one finger feature. These are cool and all, but what’s next? Instagram has done a great job with copying its rival, but I’m waiting for them to branch out and do something with Stories that is not only AMAZING but something Snapchat hasn’t though of. Last week or so, Instagram debuted a section of the app for events-related videos aka their version of “Discover.” They tried to push it hard during the VMAs last night, but once again it’s already been done.

And then today Instagram ruined my day…

Yup, you read that right and I should be more careful about what I wish for. Instagram will soon show you Stories from people you don’t follow on the platform which is super annoying, but not surprising. Instagram wants us to use the platform to keep up with the people we know and love while also discovering new people, events and content, especially if it is trending. If you find yourself being delivered content that is not up your alley, adjust who you follow and what you like. That technique probably won’t help if Kim K or the Biebs post a Story to their page since they have so many followers though.

Last week it crossed my mind that Snapchat may one day do the same thing.

Also: Brands will more than likely be able to pay big money to be suggested to massive amounts of people in the near future. Sponsored Stories. I’m calling it now.

Don’t think Snapchat doesn’t have tricks up its sleeve

Earlier this month Snapchat announced they’ve acquired a startup called Vurb that helps you “find and save things to do” like Foursquare. I believe this is Snapchat’s way of attempting to keep people in their app longer for search and planning purposes with their friends. I can see restaurants (especially Taco Bell who is literally obsessed with Snapchat) advertising through this new feature. 🌮🌯

Two apps, similar features and only can really come out on top. Who will it be?

What do you want or not want to see on Instagram Stories? What about Snapchat? Let me how you feel about these apps in the comments or by tweeting me at yeahitslex.

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