Young, Black& Dope: Alexis Davis

There are a lot of young, Black people making major moves #fortheculture. From non-profits and start-ups, to inspirational programming and empowering apparel, there are big things poppin’ thanks to young melanated talents who’ve decided to do their own thing their own way. Does the mainstream give these young makers and creators the shine they deserve? Of course not. No worries, though. That’s where Alexis Davis and The 2017 Black List of Creators and Tastemakers come in.

What inspired you to start The 2017 Black List?

I decided to start the #2017BlackList for two main reasons.

For one, 2016 was a difficult year for most, but was incredibly hard for the Black community. There were many times where we felt down, forgotten and overall neglected. I wanted a way to show our people that throughout times of adversity and struggle, we will continue shining, being absolutely amazing and overall forever proud to be Black.

I also decided to start the List because I noticed how many people in my networks, and their networks, were doing amazing things and weren’t getting as much credit as I felt they deserved. My friends were really doing it big by starting businesses and changing lives, but weren’t getting features in magazines or websites like our counterparts were even though the work is identical. I knew that had to change.

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