Where do you hope to be aged 30?

Aged 30 I hope to be living in an apartment or house of my own. Although family is very important to me, I would like to feel secure in my position in life before I begin thinking of being married and having kids. I would also like to have been to as many countries as possible, perhaps I should try and go to every country in the world.

One quote to live by: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

How did it feel on your first day?

I was terrified. I had never been away for more than one night from my parents, having put them through hell in order to not have to board at my previous school. Some people are excited to be away from their family, but I have never fully had that desire. I am very much a home bird and aged 18 I still get homesick occasionally, especially when I’ve been ill or something is happening at school. On my first day, there was only one other new girl in my year group, I hadn’t been on a trial day so I had no idea what the other girls would be like, which also scared me because I desperately wanted to be liked and make friends.

Are you scared of leaving? What are you most afraid of?

I am occasionally scared of leaving, only because the things that I am going onto are completely different to the routine and experiences I have had at school over the last 14 years of my education. I feel that I have out grown my school and I know that it is time to leave. Over the last year I have continued to believe that I will not miss the school and the lessons but I will miss the people and the friends I have. Despite us probably continuing to be friends I will never be with them in the same capacity as I do now, seeing them every day and only being apart for weekends and holidays and I don’t know if I like that knowledge.

What advice would you give your children leaving school?

It’s okay to be wrong, let people debate with you about your views, it will help you learn. Nevertheless, stick to what you believe and to who you are even if someone opposes it because otherwise you might lose yourself.

What event in your life has shaped you the most?

On recent reflections with my friends, I find that it tends to be what can be seen as negative events that have shaped me the most. By far the memory that sticks with me the most is realising that none of us are immortal and one day we’ll be gone and so will the people around. Sometimes the people we love beat us to the finish line that is death and therefore we must embrace the moments we have together.

Why did you choose this object?

I started taking photos seriously last year when my dad bought a camera off sister’s boyfriend (who is a photographer). Photography for me feels like the one thing that I am truly good out. Some people are good at sport, or are academic. I am not one of them. Photography allows me to explore the world around me and distance myself from the stresses of school and revising for my A-Levels.

What does an education mean to you?

It allows me to have free choice over the options in my life and gives me the understanding I need to appreciate the world around me.

*obviously the photograph was not taken by me and I would like to thank CS for her wonderful photography and editing

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