Taurus can be loving, generous, greedy and self indulgent. Here are 8 way to get along with Taureans.

Connect to their Emotions
Taureans are full of emotions and their decisions often override reason. Display your variety of emotions — joy, happiness, anger, frustration …to win them over.

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Touch the right cords in them and Taurean sun sign folks will offer their fortunes to t be with you.

Taureans Hate Sissies
Being strong willed and highly determined Taurus likes to see a reflection of this in friends and will not tolerate any sign of submissiveness. …

What does it mean for us personally?

Our lives are compartmentalized into twelve basic areas by astrology. As Saturn moves out of Leo, it leaves one area — the one that you have been working on for the past two years and enters another so that you can make things more solid, structured and viable in that area of your life. Those twelve areas are self, money, daily commutes and communication, home/family, creativity/children/romance, work/chores/health; partners/relationships in general, shared resources/endings/transformation, foreign travel/expanding your horizons, career/reputation/status, friends/aspirations/rewards, and subconscious/spirituality/isolation.

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If you are a Leo, you have spent the past two years growing more mature and serious, perhaps had to deal with some health issues and needing to take on more responsibility. For the next two years you will be learning about how to handle money and understand what your priorities ought to be and work hard at changing things for the better — Saturn in capricorn loves to perfect things. …

Tying the nuptial knot is an important decision. It should be done at the right time and at the right place. Your birth horoscope should match your partner’s. There are so many marriages that ultimately fail. This is why you must take sufficient time to understand each other before you say, ‘I do’. When were you married? Check your wedding date according to the 12 signs and see how your life will turn out. Check also the love predictions for 2018 by astrologer John Terry

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Aries marriage
If you were married in the Aries time of the year, you need to keep your marriage fresh and young by supplying full energy to your relationship. It is best to compare your birth horoscope with your partner to make sure you have matching traits. …


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