8 Ways to Get Along with Taureans

Taurus can be loving, generous, greedy and self indulgent. Here are 8 way to get along with Taureans.

Connect to their Emotions
Taureans are full of emotions and their decisions often override reason. Display your variety of emotions — joy, happiness, anger, frustration …to win them over.

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Touch the right cords in them and Taurean sun sign folks will offer their fortunes to t be with you.

Taureans Hate Sissies
Being strong willed and highly determined Taurus likes to see a reflection of this in friends and will not tolerate any sign of submissiveness. Tarus gets along very nicely with leaders, men of character.

Taureans love to lead and get along very well with steely characters.

If you are a Miser, Forget Wooing a Taurus
Quick to a fault, it’s natural for them to give away a lot; at times even sacrifice pleasures for the sake of friends. They stick like a magnet to those who are large hearted and generously give to causes.

So the next time you’re with a Taurean and someone asks for a donation, cut a five figure check. And you’d unlocked the heart of a Taurus forever.

Are you of the Same Class?
According to the zodiac, Taureans are full of love but rarely make friends outside their social status. If you can’t afford to sustain a Taurean lifestyle, just look the other way.

It’s like a small time TV artiste wooing Kim. It just won’t work.

Give Taureans all Your Time
If you’re a busy person with little time on hand, try dating another sun sign. ’Cause Taurus is very possessive and needs you all the time. Taurus doesn’t take NO for an answer and would like to meet you even if it’s snowing in the dead of the night. Essentially, she wants you to be there whenever she wants.

Can you be like the genie in Aladdin? Then you have got her for life.

Don’t Rush a Taurean into a Relationship
If you’re just seeing a Taurus, a word of caution — don’t push them to action on anything. They can be very lazy and take a long time to decide. And when they do — even the devil can’t stop them from falling in love.

Be gentle, tease, play and work your way into their hearts.

Cut your Tongue but Don’t Lie
Straightforward folks, Taureans can give up their lives for truth. It just come naturally to them. So if you’ve been lying to your mother since three, go stitch your tongue now. You’ll end up with a bleeding nose if she finds out you have laid about her blue eyes.

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And make Taurus eat out of your palm.

Let Them Indulge in Pleasures
Whip out your credit cards one by one and let them indulge in holidays, exotic ice creams, 12 pairs of footwear, designer wear from Louis Vitton and the occasional Cartier watch.

Do you agree with my analysis of Taurus?

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