How your Wedding date and Birth Horoscope Affect your Life

Tying the nuptial knot is an important decision. It should be done at the right time and at the right place. Your birth horoscope should match your partner’s. There are so many marriages that ultimately fail. This is why you must take sufficient time to understand each other before you say, ‘I do’. When were you married? Check your wedding date according to the 12 signs and see how your life will turn out. Check also the love predictions for 2018 by astrologer John Terry

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Aries marriage
If you were married in the Aries time of the year, you need to keep your marriage fresh and young by supplying full energy to your relationship. It is best to compare your birth horoscope with your partner to make sure you have matching traits.

Taurus union
For people who were united in the month of Taurus, short trips are a necessity. Go for a weekend getaway with your spouse every now and then to keep your marriage forever young.

Gemini wedding
Gemini weddings need both partners to communicate effectively. Lack of communication is the major issue that makes Gemini weddings fail. So make sure you open your heart to your partner.

Cancer love
Keep your relatives and friends near you, because they will come to your rescue whenever your Cancer marriage runs in any problem.

Leo marriage
Since Leo is romantic at heart, Leo marriages are usually full of romance for many years to come.

Virgo knot
This marriage is marked by mutual support and loyalty by the couple towards each other. This is the perfect time for a lifelong commitment.

Libra union
The Libra knot comes with its share of discussions and controversies. The perfection of the period is driven by the underlying passion of a romantic spirit and idyllic settings with the right birth horoscope.

Scorpio marriage
It creates a connection on the spiritual and physical front, making it one of the most exciting star signs for marriages. This relationship would have an element of passion and fervor which others would miss.

Sagittarius connection
Sagittarius needs a lot of energy and excitement, so go with your partner for some adventure trailing or trekking whenever you find time.

Weddings of people born under Capricorn
This is considered the best signs for relationships. Capricorns are full of joy and laughter all through life. Compare your birth horoscope to make the right decision.

Aquarius marriage
Aquarius couples need to ‘grow together’. They share joys and sorrows with each other and this is what makes this wedding very special.

Pisces wedding
This marriage of dream and aspirations thrives on emotions and warmth of spirits which have no rivals.

From the fire of Aries to the tenaciousness of the Scorpio or even the magic of Pisces — the choice is yours to create the present and the future!

Written by Hi, My name is Michael and my passion is astrology. Follow me if you want read a good and real horoscope.

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