Saturn into Capricorn 2019

What does it mean for us personally?

Our lives are compartmentalized into twelve basic areas by astrology. As Saturn moves out of Leo, it leaves one area — the one that you have been working on for the past two years and enters another so that you can make things more solid, structured and viable in that area of your life. Those twelve areas are self, money, daily commutes and communication, home/family, creativity/children/romance, work/chores/health; partners/relationships in general, shared resources/endings/transformation, foreign travel/expanding your horizons, career/reputation/status, friends/aspirations/rewards, and subconscious/spirituality/isolation.

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If you are a Leo, you have spent the past two years growing more mature and serious, perhaps had to deal with some health issues and needing to take on more responsibility. For the next two years you will be learning about how to handle money and understand what your priorities ought to be and work hard at changing things for the better — Saturn in capricorn loves to perfect things.

According to horoscope2019.Guru , for capricorn, the year 2019 will bring more responsibility, obligations, limitations to what you have the freedom to do and what you must do. You may need to deal with health issues, and this would be a great time to begin a diet, improve your health, etc

For the Signs:

Aries March 20 -April 19

Saturn of structures, obligations and limitations will be moving into the work and chores sector your chart in September for just over two years. Vocational training, upgrading skills and learning about wellness are topics under review now, these will stay pertinent through mid-2010. You will be working harder than you have (is it even possible, eh) and repetition is what helps us create skills. You will need to be willing to adjust your actions, the way you have become used to processing information and delegating tasks better, unless you love working extra hard.

Taurus April 19-May 20

Saturn of traditions, structures and responsibilities will be moving into the romance and children sector of your chart in September for just over two years. Your romantic relationship needs to mature and perhaps become more traditional now, family plays strongly into the equation. This may mark the time of having children or having a child move out. Perhaps you have always wanted to play an instrument or try your hand at other arts. This is the perfect time to explore your own creativity.

Gemini May 20-June 20

Saturn of structures, solid foundations and responsibilities will move into the area of your chart, which represents family, home, real estate and parents. You may become aware of things that need fixing whether these are physical structures or relationship issues. You could be fixing the house, decide that it is too big/small and need to relocate; you might even have someone older needing your care for a while.

Cancer June 20-July 22

You may have toyed with going back to school, changing your daily routines or changing neighbourhood. Saturn of what is practical and pragmatic moves into the area of your solar chart, which represents neighbourhood, siblings, education and vocational training for a little over two years in September. Working from home, structuring your daily life differently are concepts you might be mulling over now.

Leo July 22-Aug. 22

Pragmatic, responsible and constructive Saturn will be in the house of money, possessions and values for two plus years starting in September, giving you the opportunity to re-prioritize issues. Perhaps you are placing too high a value on something and neglecting something far more important. Over the next couple of years, learning to budget and accumulate assets steadily with a plan will bring more financial security. Cutbacks are par for the course. The second part of the equation is more about you personally; a job change, start a personal business or invest in one?

Virgo Aug. 22-Sept. 22

Practical, responsible, structuring and limiting Saturn will spend two plus years in your sign starting in September. It’s reality check time; what do you want for yourself from here on out? It’s all about perfecting, improving and making subtle but significant changes with life including diet, life-style and perhaps even career matters. An opportunity to recreate your life on a scale suited to you.

Libra Sept. 22-Oct. 23

Responsible, pragmatic, discerning and analytical Saturn will spend two plus years in the area of your chart associated with solitude, spiritual quests and internal growth. You might emerge a specialist in dream symbolism or spend more time working alone — telecommuting comes to mind. Your energy levels might be less predictable so learn to pace your activities. Initially you might begin addressing issues by first figuring out what you no longer desire in your life. It’s an end to a long cycle for Libra, as in 2009 Saturn moves into your sign allowing you to restructure your life to suit your own goals and priorities; now is the time to evaluate what those are.

Scorpio Oct. 23 — Nov. 21

Saturn of hard work, responsibilities and structures moves into the area of your solar chart associated with gains, future goals and earned rewards, for two plus years beginning in September. This is a great time to fine-tune those goals, eliminate projects in your life that you no longer find rewarding and build up your earnings one step at a time. Venus is here now and you get to a preview into upcoming attractions, it might come with both praise and criticism. It becomes easy to refocus on your priorities during these couple of years.

Sagittarius Nov. 21-Dec. 21

Saturn of career, structures, obligations and status moves into your career sector for the next two plus years. It’s time to impress the bosses/clients etc. with your skills, dedication and ability to stick to the project at hand. You are will be able to gauge what is important by how your efforts receive either praise or critique. You might also more readily see new opportunities emerge, perhaps an old offer returns to the table. The theme with Saturn in Capricorn is perfecting, improving and getting those skills polished; you already have what it takes to do a perfect job.

Capricorn Dec. 21-Jan. 19

Your ruling planet known for its ability to structure, assign responsibility and doing things properly is moving into discerning, analytical and organized Virgo for the next couple of years beginning in September. The area for you is foreign travel, learning and distant places as well as in-laws, publishing and legal matters. This could see you moving to a distance, signing up for classes and naturally acquiring a new relative or few. What is it you desire in your life that would allow you to broaden your horizons. This is a wonderful time to choose changes with discernment of course.

Aquarius Jan. 20 — Feb. 18

Responsible, pragmatic, discerning and analytical Saturn will spend two plus years in the area of your chart associated with shared resources, loans, debts and inheritance. You may need to learn to cope with less, share of your own more or be the one supported by partner, etc. These years ahead also mark a wonderful time to do some serious research, learn about investing and perhaps the bathroom needs a complete overhaul. Yes, the themes often begin with don’t like this; don’t want that and we work our way toward what it is we truly desire.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20

Saturn of obligations, traditions and structures is moving into your relationship sector for the next two plus years in September. This could mark the beginning of a marriage or partnership — in it for the long term. Adjusting to sharing our lives with another, demands a lot from us. You might find yourself more serious and pragmatic over these years, wanting stability and a predictable course of events (high expectation).


For many this is the time to settle down to a more permanent job, getting married, buying a house or starting a family. All of these things typically mean that we learn to get by with less, cannot have your cake and eat it too — thus there are serious choices we make when we venture into our productive years. If you were born between November 17, 1977 and January 5, 1978 and July 26, 1978 and September 21, 1980, you will have your first Saturn return with Saturn in Virgo.

The third Saturn milestone takes place about seven years prior to the official retirement age of 65. Therefore, if you were born between May 29, 1949 and November 20, 1950 or March 7, 1951 and August 13, 1951 you will have your second Saturn Return.

Can’t call it middle age any longer, at this point you are likely to be assessing what you want to do with your ‘retirement years’, what do you wish to contribute to society and what kind of legacy would you like to leave behind. If you have been skirting responsibility over the years, you may now experience some lessons about the importance of owning up to what you did and did not do.

Once again, many choose to begin a new undertaking at this point in life, assume more responsibility, acquire that retirement home, downsize the house and get a sensible vehicle (etc.) or decide that after working hard for the past 30+ years you deserve a few modest luxuries.

Written by Hi, My name is Michael and my passion is astrology. Follow me if you want read a good and real horoscope.

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