Hello again Stephen,
Perry Gruber

I do appreciate the spirit of your communications with me. Please note that I did not say anything negative about your project in my original response. That said, it is true that I did not read any more of your ideas than you read of mine before responding.

If you had merely responded in some general way that said nothing specific about my ideas, I would have shrugged my shoulders and moved on — though I would have continued to read about your ideas, as I am always interested in new ideas.

You did say things about my economic proposal that were inaccurate. That is why I felt compelled to respond. Even in you second response there are inaccuracies regarding it, but now that I am on the record as having challenged your portrayal of it, I can let it drop.

The reason I fear for a totalitarian impetus embedded in Copiosis is because at some point it boils down to beliefs, and beliefs are carriers that most horrible social disease. Every belief that has been held by a significant number of people (relative to scale) has been a source of totalitarian impetus, of people wanting to impose their beliefs on others — with the possible exception of Buddhism. (For the record, unlike Buddhists, I do believe in God and in a spiritual afterlife.)