The Mystical Black Body

We live in world where non-white bodies are given mystical (and artificial) qualities, which serves to justify prejudices and discrimination. We have seen that this fixation on the mysticism of others has been used to justify everything from aggressive religious conversions to colonialisation, to apartheid, and the killing of unarmed Black men, women and children in the United States especially but also elsewhere. In the US we have seen that unarmed Black men, women and children are somehow a threat to armed lawmen. This absurd logic can be understood in terms of the mystical Black body. The Black body has powers (threats, security risks) it is not even aware of. The Black body has the power to overwhelm and overpower your sense of comfort in any given situation — on the train, in stores, at the bank machine, at the swimming pool, at the club, in the restaurant, in the neighbourhood, in their own homes, in their own cars. Whenever and where ever the Black body is seen through these mystical lenses, there have been abuse, harassment and too often the killing of the Black mystic.

Why are Black bodies so special? From whence did we acquire this mystical quality?