Life decisions are hard, not because one choice is better or worse than the other, but because the choices are on par with each other. We, human beings, are rash; we want the results we desire as quickly as possible. This clouds our judgment which makes us choose the easiest or fastest option, even though it’s not the one we wish we have pursued later.

What Makes a Life Decision Hard?

“What should I study? Where should I move to? Who should I date? Which job should I take? Who do I want to become?”

These are all hard decisions and mainly for these reasons:

  • There…

In my previous blog “ Understand Your Worth — How You Value Yourself,” I talked about the topic of how much the society places value on outward appearances when defining one’s success, whereas little consideration is given to the inner values of a person, and that certain outward appearances of success can trigger a need within you to compare yourself to others.

This outward type of social comparison is often painful and rarely triggers any real change in our lives, because it makes us feel defeated right from the start — mainly due to fear and insecurity. …

Little consideration is given to the inner values of a person when defining one’s success, such as integrity, kindness, love, forgiveness, emotional intelligence and inner balance.

In contrast, an excessive value is placed on the outward appearances of success by society, such as money, material possessions, physical appearance, marital status or career. This creates a definition of success based on outward appearances, which results in a warped sense of self-worth.

Chances are that certain outward appearances of success can trigger a need within you to compare yourself to others. Only when you question your reasons, you realize that you have…

Our lives have become so packed, so busy, so noisy, and so full of conflict. At the end of the day, we feel drained, cranky and overly judgemental. Some of us numbly pace through our days not knowing how out of balance we are, finding nothing to smile about. We might sleep in on Sunday but still wake up feeling tired. Why is that?

Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D. and author of ‘Sacred Rest’, identified seven types of rest we need in order to feel happy, productive and fulfilled. …

This blog post is inspired by a comment on my previous post “The Law Of Attraction — You Attract What You Are”. In the comment, it is mentioned that “opposites attract more than what you are or what is similar to you.”

Now, I’m a strong believer in the Law of Attraction, but I can’t deny that opposites can attract as well. However, for a relationship to stand strong through time, I do believe that people form friendships or relationships with people who hold the same core values, especially when it comes to relationships.

We date a wide variation of…

Have you ever taken the pizza out of the oven two minutes early because you just couldn’t wait? Or left lines that were barely moving, only to get into an even slower one? Or breaking up a good healthy relationship because you weren’t sure where it was going, and couldn’t stand the uncertainty?

We’ve all been impatient and we’ve all made rash decisions when impatience got the better of us. Then again, we’ve also been overly patient at times, sticking with projects, jobs, or relationships long after it made sense to do so.

Eventually, there’s this thought on which will…

Author and anthropologist David Graeber mentioned in his book ‘Bullshit Jobs’, that today’s work features a lot of needless busywork and it’s preventing people from making a meaningful contribution to the world.

Maybe the modern quest for future unemployment comes from the fact that many jobs seem meaningless and unfulfilling. However, I have been wandering with this topic of ‘meaningful’ and ‘meaningless’ work for quite some time. Like, do I love my job? Is my job really bullshit?

For many years, I have lived my life arguing that most jobs are meaningless, this includes most of my own job as…

The Law of Attraction, I have been fascinated by it for a long time and I rarely come across people who are fully aware of how much the Law of Attraction impacts their day to day life. Regardless of when we do things consciously or subconsciously, every bit of our existence, we are acting as human magnets sending vibrational frequency out of our thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have sent out.

Unfortunately, many of us are blind to this potential that rests within us — making it all too easy to leave our thoughts and…

This is my last post for 2018, and I want to leave you with something of value to start your 2019 even greater. Therefore, this post is dedicated to those who are having a hard time accepting themselves for who they are, for them to realize that taking ownership of who they are will lead to personal greatness.

So, let’s be clear on this, you will never be someone you are not supposed to be. You may wonder why my life is like this, when in fact, flaws in all, you make your life the best it can be. All…

The idea of time management is typically defined as one’s ability to use time productively and efficiently, especially in cases such as school and work.

However, David Allen, productivity consultant and the inventor of the “Getting Things Done” method, says time management is a misleading term. “You can’t manage time anyway. Time just is,” David said. “But you can manage yourself during time, so what you manage is your attention, your focus.”

Managing Ourselves During Time

Every single one of us has the same amount of time each day. There’s no way to store, to borrow, to save, or to increase time. The only…

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