10th #FridayBonus To Crack Winter

Thematic Event

10th #FridayBonus event is to stand right at the point of bitter crypto Winter and a lurking Spring. This time, we will award you USDT for your CNY deposit on Coinyee! Max 100 USDT to claim! Yes, we are here to drop loots!


0.5% of your CNY deposit amount on that day will be exchanged to USDT and transferred to your Coinyee account (Min 0.5USDT; Max 100USDT)

>Extra Reward
Follow Coinyee official account on Twitter and retweet the related tweet win award you chance to win 8 USDT (Only 1 winner)


Step One: Deposit CNY on Coinyee

Step Two: Inbox Coinyee admin with your Coinyee UID on Telegram

Step Three: Congratulations! There’s no step three!

Time Frame

Nov 30 00:00(GMT+8) — 24:00(GMT+8)


Exclusive on Coinyee Telegram: https://t.me/coinyee_official


1. Please provide Coinyee admin with Coinyee UID for registry of the event

2. Number Limit: First 100 USERS ONLY

3. Time Frame for CNY deposit: Nov 30 00:00(GMT+8) — 24:00(GMT+8)

No bottom limit and upper limit

Other conditions

1. One UID can only be used once for participation and claiming

2. Reward will finalize distribution within three working days following the event. Exact deadline is Dec 5 24:00(GMT+8)

3. Any cheating or malicious attempts which seek to disrupt the order of the event are strongly prohibited. If vetted and found, we will ban the relative accounts from participating further.

4. Coinyee reserves the right to interpret the event within legal and regulatory framework.