Yee Project Update 2018/11/03–2018/11/09

Hi, Yee fans. Nice to see you again. It’s time for our weekly report. Do you want to know the latest news about Yee project? Let’s take a look.

First, let’s talk about YeeChain~~~

The first draft of the YeeChian white paper will be finished this week

YeeChain team members held a YeeChain seminar on Tuesday. During this seminar, the team discussed the key points of the YeeChian white paper. The first draft of the white paper will be finished this week.

YeeChain Seminar

The draft of YeeChain consensus mechanism paper comes to an end

This paper is aimed at finishing the mathematical certification of YeeChain consensus mechanism, Tetris. Tetris has combined PoS and PoW which is more practical and secure than DAG and Hashgraph.

Now, our chief scientist Jim Xu is concentrated on some core problems. We believe, it will be on its debut soon.

YeeChain commits continue to update

YeeChain commits continue to update. This week YeeChain team had updated 18 commits.

More information about YeeChian, you can follow our GitHub


Besides, the development of YeeCall web version is finished

Some users in the YeeCall community asked us when the YeeCall web version would be online. Now, the development of YeeCall web version is finished. We will invite Yee fans to test it. Do you want to be the first one to try YeeCall web version? Please contact us by Yee official channels.


Yee had hosted a lot of activities, this week~~~

Sam Talk Episode two

On Monday, we had posted Sam Talk Episode two on Twitter and other channels. In this video, Sam had summed up the progress, Yee team had made last month. We really want to present you the progress Yee team had made in an easier way. So, to optimize this video, we made Sam Talk in the way of quick flashing. We hope you can like it. Certainly, if you have any good advice about Sam Talk, please contact us. We will be very appreciated.

Sam Talk Episode two:

Yee CRASH game continues

This week, Yee CRASH game continues. The rules of this game are very easy. If you are a YEE holder, now you can place YEE as the bet and then guess where to crash. You can click on “Cash Out” at any time to lock in the current multiplier, and your payoff will be your bets times the current multiplier.

Play the CRASH game:

Yee VIP plan is in progress

Up to now, a lot of Yee fans had passed the preliminary screening. If you are optimistic about Yee’s future and want to grow up with Yee. Come on and join us.

Apply to Yee VIP plan:

Finally, we want to share a good news with you. On November 26, Yee cooperated with COS and Banko, will hold a meetup in Taiwan. Our official speaker Sam will make a speech on the meetup. The detail of Yee Taiwan meetup will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and other channels.