You’ve spelled out in a very honest way, what your personal goals were, and how you achieved it by…
Andreas Beer

I really like this response. After reading the article, the two main points I got out of it were the following:

  1. Think carefully about your desires and motivations before diving into something that doesn’t align with your core values.
  2. Isolating a phenomenon so vast as ‘startup ecosystems’ geographically or giving birth to a stereotype when it comes to funding, can be detrimental.

Your points still stand and if you observe tech holistically, it makes the most sense. I saw DHH’s views as away of almost disrupting the idea of disruption itself. I don’t think anyone sane would actually put down the idea of a startup ecosystem or having great ambitions to change the world in a positive way. It just means that we should stop once in a while when moving at breakneck speeds, before the necks are actually broken.

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