April 2018 Newsletter

Yeg Music
Yeg Music
Apr 4, 2018 · 3 min read
We celebrated Girl Gang Appreciation Day by doing a photoshoot (Tears of Saturn Photography) with some amazing women who make up the executive, staff, and artists in Yeg Music. We’re so grateful for the diverse range of people who come to us at Yeg Music to help bring their careers to the next level, and any time we can give someone an advantage they wouldn’t necessarily get in a male-dominated industry we will gladly fight to get their voices and art heard.

Upcoming Events

April 5 Bailey Nadeen & Rachel Lynn @ Cafe Blackbird
April 6 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 21 @ Wild Earth Cafe & Bakery
April 6 Stoplight, Marco Corbo, Denny Von Braun, & The Gear Seabastian @ Naked Cyber Cafe
April 7 Emily Lynn, Nicole René, Cale Michael, & Jesse Cunningham @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
April 12 Taylor Hambly, Richelle Ziola, Deoel Villamor, & Téa Gonzales @ Cafe Blackbird
April 13 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 22 @ Wild Earth Cafe & Bakery
April 14 Miranda Joelle ,Frazer James, Zach Daniels, & The Folk Disease @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
April 19 Devan Sanders, Aryn McConnell, Zeph Samuels, & Kena León @ Cafe Blackbird
April 20 LOA, The Valley City, Revilla, & Living Suitcase @ Naked Cyber Cafe
April 26 Tarik, Sam Johnston, One Fell Swoop, & Riverwood @ Cafe Blackbird
April 27 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 23 @ Wild Earth Cafe & Bakery
April 28 Nicole Rae Johnson, Karianne Porter, Revilla (YQR), Shae Brant @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
May 4 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 24 @ Wild Earth Cafe & Bakery

New Artists Alert!

We’ve had some incredibly talented folks join us this month, check them out!

The deadline for our Music Video Contest with Intrinsic Media Group is fast approaching! Don’t miss your chance to win a beautifully produced full music video! Email your song to yegartistmanagement@gmail.com

Happy April!

Spring is an amazing time for so many reasons. The promise of backyard BBQs, summer festivals, shorts weather, and so much more is so close you could practically taste it… if only the snow would hurry up and melt.

We’re excited because it’s time to plan for the summer, giving lineups to help bring the heat and others that’ll give you a space to chill. It’s also festival season, and we are so ready for the amazing events and their lineups popping up all over the city. Leave us a comment, which one are you most excited for?

The Yeg Music team is also gearing up for a road trip to Canadian Music Week, where Sabrina and Michelle will be sponges trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible to bring back and share with you all, and Chris will be in meeting after meeting trying to expand our network to the farthest reaches we can get in order to maximize opportunities for our artists. We can’t wait to share the results with you all!

With love,
Sabrina, Michelle, & Chris

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