July 2018 Newsletter

Happy July! Check out this playlist of fine artists who are gracing our stages this month!

Upcoming Events

July 3 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 26 @ Wild Earth Edmonton Valley Zoo
July 5 Cazper, Good Information, Danielle Knapp & Maia Meister @ Cafe Blackbird
July 6 Claudia Norris, EUGENIO, Stella Johnson & Nathan Danser @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
July 7 Blue Corner Presents Outdoor Concert Series Vol. 3
July 10 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 27 @ Wild Earth Edmonton Valley Zoo
July 12 Rage Radtke, Indie Davis, Kaylin Kowalyshyn & Paula Kirman @ Cafe Blackbird
July 14 Arkavello, Squids, Delusions of Grandeur & Nebular Wave @ The Bourbon Room
July 17 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 28 @ Wild Earth Edmonton Valley Zoo
July 19 Curtis Haracsi, Sarah Lillian, Nolia & Kat Zel @ Cafe Blackbird
July 21 Blue Corner Presents Outdoor Concert Series Vo. 4
July 21 Bonnie Cooke, Lisa Marie, Sara Sheydwasser & CR @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
July 26 Cherisse Zerbin, Mitch Belot & localgirlinyourarea @ Cafe Blackbird
July 28 Better Things, Fifteen Pounds of Beets & Corrupted Fundamentals @ Naked Cyber Cafe
July 31 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 29 @ Wild Earth Edmonton Valley Zoo
August 2 Tayler Grace, Tennyson King, Eric James & Edie @ Cafe Blackbird
August 7 Yeg Music Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 30 @ Wild Earth Edmonton Valley Zoo

This feels like the hottest summer yet, and it could just be how bitter the winter was that makes it feel this way, but regardless it feels amazing to be out in the sun. June was a great month, which capped off at the Edmonton Music Awards. It was beyond inspiring and humbling to see so many incredible artists and industry members assembled in one room to celebrate what the people in this city have accomplished.

Recently, I was asked what’s so great about the music scene in Edmonton. My answer was that there are so many wonderful things for us to be proud of. We have many thriving music venues, from huge institutions such as The Winspear or the Jubilee Auditorium, to legendary spaces such as The Starlite Room, to your local neighbourhood spaces such as The Aviary, Naked Cyber Cafe, Sewing Machine Factory, Cafe Blackbird, BRU, and Nook. Even this small list is the tip of the iceberg as far as places to go that will allow you to hear some amazing music made right in your back door.

I also talked about how diverse our music scene is from the genres you’ll find to the types of people you’ll see on stage. There truly is space and a place for everyone, and if there isn’t something already built for you, there is room to build and grow something all of your own.

I hope everyone is feeling as inspired this summer as I am to go out there, kick some ass, and take some names.

With Love,
Sabrina, Michelle, & Chris