June 2018 Newsletter

Yeg Music
Yeg Music
Jun 7, 2018 · 3 min read
We’ve created a Spotify playlist to give you an idea of who you’ll hear at Yeg Music’s shows each month! For June’s playlist, click here.

Upcoming Events

June 7 Jennifer Green, Karianne Porter, Frazer James, & Tyson Borsboom @ Cafe Blackbird
June 8 Yeg Music Pride Showcase 2018 @ Naked Cyber Cafe
June 14 Francessia, Bonnie Cooke, The Folk Disease, & Shae Brant @ Cafe Blackbird
June 15 Miranda Joelle, Abbie Mota, Sean Presiloski, & Aryn McConnell @ Naked Cyber Cafe
June 16 Taylor Hambly, Braydon Wollmann, Sunshine Dealer & Adam Marchand @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
June 16 David Wilkinson, Evergreen, Mitch for Mayor, & Realm and Sky @ The Bourbon Room
June 22 Richelle Ziola, Living Suitcase, Tegan Gomes, Rachel Lynn @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
June 23 Darren Majak, Devan Sanders, Kathryn Johnson, Double Double @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
June 29 Blue Corner Presents Outdoor Concert Series Vo. 2
June 30 Hometown Stereo, Thunder Buck, & Lovesetsfire@ The Bourbon Room
July 5 Cazper, Good Information, Danielle Knapp & Maia Meister @ Cafe Blackbird

You may have noticed that we’ve switched ticket providers! We’re excited to partner with Universe to bring you one of the most practical ticket buying processes. Universe was an attractive partner to us for a lot of behind the scenes reasons (massive function, intuitive event creation, one-click Facebook Event Page creation, and more) but we also wanted a low-fee option for our friends and customers. Another huge bonus is that Universe is a global company, we will be able to grow into them as we expand. We hope you enjoy the change as much as we do!

New Artists

We’re so excited to welcome so many new faces to the Yeg Music community!
Tayler Grace
Realm and Sky
Marissa K
The Valley City
Kaylee Caura-Lee

Michelle and I had such a fantastic time in Toronto for Canadian Music Week 2018! Over eight days we saw 23 bands, attended 15 conference sessions, networked with countless bands and industry professionals, and most important came home with a whole idea bank full of concepts to help improve our company, our artists, and the greater music scene in Alberta. It’s safe to say that sometimes we get caught up in our bubble and day to day grind, it was refreshing to step away from our projects for a moment and see what creates success or failure for others and learn from their experiences.

One of the biggest takeaways for me was that artists should act locally but think globally.

Everything you’re doing isn’t about this show; it’s about the next one.

What can you do today to set yourself up for a more prosperous tomorrow?

Where do you really want to be, and what steps can you realistically take to get there?

We’re here to help with these questions and more, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us for help or advice!

With Love,
Sabrina, Michelle, & Chris

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