May 2018 Newsletter

Yeg Music
Yeg Music
May 4, 2018 · 2 min read
We’ve created a Spotify playlist to give you an idea of who you’ll hear at Yeg Music’s shows each month! For May’s playlist, click here.

Upcoming Events

May 4 Acoustic Spotlight Vol. 24 @ Wild Earth Cafe & Bakery
May 5 Maia Meister, Natalia Chai, Amanda Penner & Naeem Gabriel @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
May 17 Amber Bauer, Kaeley Wiebe, Living Suitcase, & Krissy Feniak @ Cafe Blackbird
May 18 Acoustic Spotlight Vol.. 25 @ Wild Earth Cafe & Bakery
May 19 Blue Corner Presents Live Music
May 20 Sugarwash, Arkavello, Desperado Pilots & The Prototype @ The Aviary
May 24 Keltie, Tanjeryne, Claudia Norris, & Nikki Nash @ Cafe Blackbird
May 25 Lady Saint, Omid, Srvent, & Lukingz @ Bohemia
May 26 Heartland, Ticket West, Ro, & Noire Nuit @ Naked Cyber Cafe
May 26 Jeremy Sinclair, Bethany Davidson, Hannah Scott, & Jesse Cunningham @ BRU Coffee & Beer House
May 30 Punchable Faces with The Spanish Flies, Zachary Red, & Denny Von-Braun @ Naked Cyber Cafe
May 31 Posy Jay, Sam Huggett, Andrea Shipka, & Whitney Ann B @ Cafe Blackbird
June 2 Natalia Chai’s LP Release Launch Party — [Connected]

Congratulations to SHAG! They are the winner of our video contest with Intrinsic Media Group!

It was a tight race with 15 amazing entries, but SHAG won the opportunity to create a music video for their new, unreleased track! We can’t wait to show everyone the final product!

eg Music has been a labour of love for the last two and a half years. This company started for an artist who was frustrated with the inconsistent, poorly paid, apathetic gigs they were offered.

We started creating shows with amazing bands with people who care, and something phenomenal happened. Collaborations, relationships, growth, beating personal bests, doing the impossible, our members are proving day in and day out that it is possible to thrive as a musical artist in Edmonton.

This grant would help us bring in a new communication tool to bring our community even closer together, help foster the next generation’s passion for making a career in the arts, and it would fund the building we’ve been dreaming about for years.

If you’d like to support us, it takes less than a minute to vote for us here. We really appreciate it!

With Love,
Sabrina, Michelle, & Chris

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