Progression from UX to Product Lead

From my conversation with a talent person on UX design and product management, we had a chat on progression from just being an Experience designer to a Product Lead.

Personally I have been a front-end and back-end engineer for four years and four years in UX/UI design. This gives me conviction of knowing a product process, which are the P. roadmap, P. strategy, P. feature definition and the impact it has on the business. Either sales projection, improve on usability, User retention, better subscription and more.

To be a product lead in my belief, You need leadership skills, where you win the confidence and trust of both the product developers and the stakeholders (even though I can be a one man show, design and build my products) This comes hand in hand with apposite communication with both stakeholders to cement the leadership skill.

In addition to this, one needs to be a problem solver because to improve a product couldn’t necessarily be a new feature, app or a new tool. It could just be as simple as changing a process, this is where where UX/UI kicks in.

One also needs to have a business sense. I have run a creative agency for four years and I am surefire I have a strong input on the digital entrepreneurship realm. An average entrepreneur always thinks of a way to create a product that users would love and keep coming back to. This is very imperative in the product strategy and business/market understanding.

User centric is a skill that you need too. If you don’t put your users first in product development, all the way from the MVP. Then who are you building the product for, what problem are you solving for without good UX? Users wouldn’t want to use your product because you are not making it easier for them to achieve a goal without thinking. You are definately not solving their problem.

Engineering experience pack lots of force with the tie between business and developers. You will need to understand the agile environment and the tech jargon thrown around. To also understand what it takes to build a feature — how long, what resources would it need and at what cost and determine the impact it has on the business. Being constantly in touch with the business side -non techie and the techie side is paramount.

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