STEGOS -A Platform for Privacy Applications-

Yehestiel Siburian
3 min readOct 20, 2019

Hello community, welcome back with me. In this article i want to write a review about STEGOS, i found this project 3 days ago. So let’s we start.


Stegos is Privacy Platform (Stegos) combines a unique blockchain and token design to implement the first cryptocurrency that’s absolutely private, secure, efficient and environmentally sustainable. Stegos uses the UTXO (coin) model and gPoS (gamified Proofof-stake) consensus, combining existing privacy coin ideas and the latest cryptographic research to create a fully scalable and prunable privacy blockchain and application platform.

Stegos’s unique blockchain and token design make us the world’s first fully integrated crypto, completely immune to government surveillance. Other cryptocurrencies, even privacy coins, are missing crucial features and require users to expose their identity in various ways. But Stegos will let you buy and sell crypto, request and send payments and, crucially, talk to other Stegos users -all with complete anonymity.

STEGOS Privacy applications platform

The Stegos Privacy Platform builds on top of our fast message bus and makes developing mobile privacy apps a breeze.

The Stegos mobile app is the primary window to the platform. It integrates the trusted application container (TAC) with one-on-one and group chat as well as the Privacy App Store and red packet feature.

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►The Stegos app with integrated messaging is easy to use, powerful and immune to surveillance
►Run a node and earn tokens through staking or validating. The validator service award gives everyone a fair chance, whatever their stake
►Use red packets (hongbao) to send a surprise gift or private payment to anyone using a QR code. Public and group red packets allow randomized prizes for games and promotions
►Fully private peer-to-peer and group chat uses encrypted on-chain messaging to keep your conversations safe from prying eyes


➀ STEGOS Mobile Staking
Mobile staking will not be available on the launch of the mainnet. Mobile staking will drastically increases the number of validator nodes, increasing the resilience and throughput of the network. Combined with ePoS, this will help prevent the stagnation and centralization witnessed by many blockchain projects.

➁ STEGOS Marketplace
Private marketplaces use a form of hashlock (TBD) to atomically swap a payment for the item’s description key. The swap will only occur once both parties are satisfied with the terms of the transaction.

➂ Reputation
Online marketplaces often rely on a ranking and reputation system to allow buyers to determine which vendors are trustworthy (and vice versa). Stegos supports this feature by allowing users to upload reviews and ratings to the blockchain, signed with their public key. When searching for a vendor via the marketplace app, reviews and ratings will be parsed from the chain and aggregated, allowing buyers to see a verified overall ranking for each vendor.


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